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  • Selecting Sanke

    When selecting sanke for your self as hobbiests or from a dealer point of view what do you look for in your sanke.
    would you look for sumi in the blood, colour quality that it would poses, bloodline etc

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    Buy quality first. Body line and white ground are most important. Then sumi and beni quality and finally pattern. On the other hand, buy a pattern YOU like more than what the Dealer or breeder likes- after all, you have to live with the koi- for a long time hopefully! JR


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      "Sumi in the blood"? :smt102

      "Gentlemen prefer ponds"


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        Hi paul,
        Depends on if your buying tosai,nisai or a finished koi. I hope your a subscriber to KB as there is a fantastic article on tosai sanke selection in issue #6.
        Alot of modern day sanke's are bred from matsunosuke bloodline. this is a black that is very dominant and does appear and disappear with the age of the koi while in it's youth. I liked the old kichenai bloodline with small sumi. I do think the trend will come back to that. like fat ties, fashion eventually makes a full circle.
        As a lesson for selection always look at you intended koi's discription
        to help you decide importance. a sanke is a white koi with red and black
        highlights. this tells me that in sanke's white is critical. oft times the gosanke group depend on white as the base color to highlight thier other colors much like an oil painter's pallet. the base color first to hit the canvas dictates how the other colors are perceived.
        good luck in your selection and remember with sanke and showa where the black is important, do not be in a rush to have the koi turn out. if i had
        some of the koi back that i ofted thier first year or two in my pond, i'd be a lot better off!
        Dick Benbow


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          Hi dick
          i personally would buy nisai as there over 1 but less than 2yrs old and still alot of development to be seen and learn from as finished koi its all been done.
          iam a subscriber of kb and received it about 10days ago but not had time to sit down and look at it in detail at present.
          i dont think you can rush when deciding koi theres lots to look for in them and you need to think your reasons for liking it .
          pattern can change alot some for the better some for the worse but im always learning and always willing to learn from people.
          thank you for your comments



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            your welcome Paul.

            on momotaro's websight, they have pics of kohaku and sanke that were sold last week at thier auction of a 1000 tosai. neat koi!

            two year olds are my favorite to buy as well.

            wonder if brian went to the auction? hope we get a report (hint)
            I quess several UK dealers went as did carl at kerin
            Dick Benbow


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              Could you post a link to momotaro's websight, please? I'd like to see those pictures.

              Thank you,
              Dale Torok


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                was reading kerin koi's home page promoting this trip over there. the
                web site is noted there and all you have to do is click on it.
                Dick Benbow


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                  went and double checked and found website so as you asked

                  Dick Benbow


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                    Thank you very much. I've got it bookmarked now, so I'll always be able to find it.


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                      Anybody willing to quote some know prices or price ranges for the koi pictured. No secrets, just a range on some shown on the website...



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                        type in yume koi in your browser. Mike has some listed with prices.
                        the really nice ones are being left in japan to grow and you have to ask for prices. they ain't cheap, but you get what you pay for. I found a nisai showa from last september that looked good to me. lucky for my bank account mike lives far away. I'd be one of his better customers otherwise!
                        Spring come to detroit yet?
                        Dick Benbow


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                          As a hobbyist, my idea of selecting a Sanke would be:
                          Firstly, the body shape must be right. Preferably a nice bend to the back and a large peduncle that indicates the potential to grow. Like Kohaku the white must be snow white. Infact, I look for a good Kohaku first. White on the nose and at the odome. For sanke, a sumi mark in the odome is appreciated and so is kuchi beni (lipstick!). Unique head markings are also very popular. The sumi may or may not be up. It depends on the age but if the sumi is up it miust be of high quality and satin like as opposed to a matt black as seen in some utsurimono. Well placed or tsubo sumi on the white is more appreciated. It may not be up but the blue marks of the ato sumi will give you an idea where it will eventually come up. If you are going to show and want major honours, personally, I would gamble and buy a nissai. It should be at least 45 cm as it needs to grow to 75 cm or more to compete for top honours. You can buy older and even finished Koi but these will be expensive. the adage when buying Sanke is buy for the shiroji and hi and gamble on the sumi. I would go along with that.


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                            I'll take this chance to offer up my latest choice of sanke. Out of roughly 80 tosai from Shintaro I saw this one first and after looking at other sibling fish I still decided on this one. I'm a sucker for good shiroji and a pattern with kuchibeni or maruten, and I think I got all three! :lol:

                            The fish is roughly ten inches and I'm unsure of the sex. I have a feeling this one won't get as big as some of the others, but that's fine too. To get detailed about the critique I'd say the kiwa isn't very sharp but the sashi is promising. The sumi looks very nice though it may blur together near the tail in the future. *shrug* But I have hopes!


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                              Nice Koi Jason!
                              As they say..."you done good!"
                              bottom line is if your pleased ,that's 9/10ths of the battle.
                              I particularly like the breeder, so if your water regiment is good and you have any sized pond for the koi to grow in you should be very happy with the results. My guess is you have a very nice boy there but we'll see.
                              Dick Benbow


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