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  • Momotaro Auction

    Dick mentioned below the Momotaro Auction last Wednesday. Have have very little time for the internet at the moment as I am rushing to finish my new mud ponds for this springs spawning, but i could not let a request slip by form dear 'old' Dick.
    The first photo shows the line up of runners and riders.

    This next shot is of the first group to go through.

    In this shot, to the right can be seen, Carl from Kerin Koi, Mike Snaden from Yume Koi and behind is our host here Brian of Koi Bito fame.

    Next is my purchase, purely with breeding in mind. She has a huge frame, pure white skin, even beni colour and first class kiwa and sashi.

    Bidding on her was very hard and I went over my planned figure, but I wanted this koi. Many koi in the auction sold for under their value, as there was fewer than normal bidders. Before the auction, Daisuke Maeda said the koi I was interested in, would be very expensive and doubted if I would but it in my price range. After the auction Maeda san senior said I had picked the best koi for my needs, that was good enough for me!
    In the shot below, bottom right of the photo my tosai can be seen coming into shot. You can see from the photo the build of this koi compared to the others. It will stay in Japan for a couple of years and Maeda san is confident it will go to 90cm.

    I also bought 3 parent koi between 74 and 84cm.
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    Seems my web site is down at the moment, so check back later

    I expect all will be back running in a short while.


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      wow Maurice!
      first off thanks so much for the report and pics during your busy time!

      I was very impressed with the breeder! ( go for it buddy!)

      this sunday I'm suppose to take a look at one of his sanke's as possible breeding stock!

      best fishes ( wishes)
      Dick Benbow


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        It's 49cm.
        Not bad for a tosai at 11 months!
        It was number 23 on the list if anyone whats to go back and look.
        It grew from 44cm in the photo to 49cm at the auction. One month in between!!


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          your thoughts, impressions on the trip?
          Dick Benbow


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            Sounds like you had a great time and that Tosai looks fabulous. Was it one of the larger ones, from the last picture it certainly looks like it was?

            Do you have any pictures of your parent purchases?
            Regards, Bob
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            <º}}}}>< <º}}}}><


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              That is an amazing fish you bought. Thats defintly infusing some jumbo genetics into your breeding stock. A question about momotaro, do they have showa tosai and nisai that are comparable to the quality of their sanke and kohaku? What other types do they breed? I have seen some of their goshiki.

              Best Regards,
              Alex Gibbs


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                Here is a pic of Maurice's Sanke that I took in April 2002. The Koi was one that Mr Maeda was particularly proud of, as he felt that it had a good chance of exceeding 1 metre. It became a main parent in 2002 (first breeding), and was usd again last year, but met with an unfortunate accident, which has hampered it's chance of growing much more.

                Also, whilst browsing through pics from April 2002, I found the attached pic of Cliff Neale's Sanke that won the BKKS National last year. This was also from when Mr Maeda was showing us his best parents. This Sanke was 85cm at last years BKKS show, and now measures over 90cm. Hopefully, the Koi will be over 92cm before this years show!?

                BTW... In reference to the "80cm Quest" article that I wrote in the latest 'Koi-Bito' mag... Ian Graham's Kohaku hit 60cm two weeks ago, and will therefore hopefully grow to 65cm before her 2nd Birthday (June 2004). If this is the case, I think that we may hit 80cm by 4 years old! ;-)



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                  Pic 2


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                    Cliff's Sanke in April 2002 (5 years old)


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                      A proper pic of Maurice's Kohaku!


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                        Last but not least... a pic of Maurices Sanke, with it's boyfriend! This was a 'one on one' breeding, as they were looking to produce certain characteristics, rather then an abundance of offspring.


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                          these are some very nice pictures from the auction at momataro and a enjoyable time had by all with your purchases for future breading.
                          hope all turns out well for you in the future.



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                            Thanks for neat pics and filling in details on "the rest of the story".
                            Sure wished you lived alot closer. enjoyed your article in KB. my best to the owners of the three ponds, enjoyable quest to be involved in!
                            Dick Benbow


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                              Dick, my impressions of the trip.
                              This was my second visit to Momotaro and just like the first I came away feeling overwhelmed by the Maeda family hospitality. I guarantee you will not find this level of hospitality at any breeder, anywhere in the world. They are truly nice people.
                              I’m looking forward to returning in the autumn, wish I could go before.

                              Bob, my tosai kohaku was larger than most. I think I am correct in saying there were 3 at 49cm. One had a slightly larger frame, but was far to Beni heavy for what I was looking for.

                              Alex, Momotaro breed showa, but they do not seem to concentrate on growing them large over the winter. There were many that went through the auction, but smaller sizes at around 25cm/30cm.
                              They often breed a novelty fish, last year this was a cross of Doitsu Chagoi female with 2 male Kumonryu. This produced a real mix and match of babies. I was attracted to some Doitsu yellow Chagoi/Kigoi from this spawning and fancied breeding this yellow colour into my Chagoi. Mike had a pond of gosanke being held there and in this pond was the best example of above I had seen, so I said to Mike I would take it. Cutting the story short, this Chagoi was placed in a floating net with Mike’s expensive gosanke, I said to Mike that I hoped it would not be the same price. When we asked Daisuke, he said it was not for sale and they were growing it on for breeding. My upset was obvious, so Daisuke went off to ask his Father if it were possible for them to sell it, after many smiles, some chatter between themselves and some hugs from me Maeda san said ‘Presento’ and made a gift of the koi. Thrilled was an understatement!
                              Photo below. It will be a long-term project to try to breed out the parentage mix and put this colour on my scaled chagoi with high quality reticulation. But I'll get there!!

                              Mike many thanks for the photos, great trip, shame your hospitality falls a little short.
                              THAT'S A JOKE! Thanks for a good time. PS the pond is gel coated!!


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