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OK, just for Bob here's the next.

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  • OK, just for Bob here's the next.

    Novel picture, not sure if anyone can come up with any comment to go with it.
    Mike thought this lady was hitch-hiking and she seemed to be waving her green knickers at him.
    Comments, her to him, him to her.

    My go, Mike says 'I'll be careful, I pulled the inflater off the last one on the plane'. ops:
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    Or, 'nice ....'.
    Bet that brought a chuckle Mike?


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      caption should read..

      "Here's a hankie to use to cry your eyes out with, maurice was by a few days earlier on a buying trip and anything left at the breeders is not even eye candy." " by the way move left will you, you gaigins ain't been right
      Dick Benbow


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        Keep coming back to this, but my mind goes blank. Do remember seeing these strange traffic cops when I was out there, really had to look twice at what they were.

        I'll think of something childish soon .....
        Regards, Bob
        ><{{{{º> ><{{{{º> ><{{{{º>
        <º}}}}>< <º}}}}><


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          If these police dummys were used in the United States people would kidnap them and use them for boggus passengers in the two person commute lane. Beats a guitar case with a hat on it.


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            Your probably right about the dummy. if someone had asked me prior to seeing your penguins what you'd have posted as a pic I would have quessed your four legged bekko! anything to report on your bakki tower experiement? I need more media but i can't get an email message back from the sourse. I brought home 2 matsukawabake babies I spawned last year and wil raise them up in my main pond. one is half and half black and white, the other all black but one white spot on the shoulder, now disappearing to all black since it's arrival. I got an email and a pic today from Joep in holland of one he bought last year that just came home to his pond and they look like sisters! glad to see you back on the board.
            I got wore out foillowing you around!
            Dick Benbow


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              The Bacteria House arrived for me to test against lava rock today, six 10 kilo boxes. That is a lot of milk crates. For the BH and the lava rock I have to scape up 24 milk crates.


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                Drop Stephen Castel, koiboy at mindspring dot com (email addr obfusticated to fool the bots), a line and ask for some of the crates he is making for trickle tower filtration. Maybe he'll donate to the cause?


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