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Black and white from Omosako

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  • Black and white from Omosako

    Mike M requested some more photos, so I have put together a few from Omosako.

    The first is of Carl, just after we arrived, checking out the Nisai.

    This next shot shown a general view of the show greenhouse. To the left are nisai, right are sansai and larger. Furthest right out of shot the pond with all the big stuff!

    A shot into the big pond.

    In the tosai house, Mr Omosako selecting some tosai.

    A better shot of Mike (I cut out the bad bits), as Omosako Senior and Junior look at the tosai selected by Carl.

    A group shot of tosai. Black and white. Black and white............

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    Nice. Notice how the blue walls make the black stand out on the shiros?

    Thanks, Maurice.


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      Stunning Koi,Probably will be one of my next purchases.



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        pretty Thnx for posting those..

        Best regards,

        Bob Winkler
        Best regards,

        Bob Winkler

        My opinions are my best interpretation of my experiences. They are not set in stone as I intend to always be a student of life. And Koi.



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          Super post Maurice, like to see pictures like these and am a big fan of Omosako Shiro's.
          Regards, Bob
          ><{{{{º> ><{{{{º> ><{{{{º>
          <º}}}}>< <º}}}}><


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            My purchase.
            A real poor shot, but this lady would not stay still. Making her head look strange by driving into the bottom of the bowl.
            67cm, staying another summer in Japan and will be joining the breeding team in the UK from 2005 on.



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              Maurice, you are gonna have quite the breeding team.

              Best Regards,
              Alex Gibbs


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                Maurice - thanks for sharing - that's one beautiful shiro you have there!


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                  Very nice!

                  Maurice, I am sure that the skin quality is good(difficult to see from the picture) but the bone structure really stood out. Is this why you picked her?

                  Thank you for sharing.

                  Thai Koi-Keepers' Group


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                    Maurice: That upturned nose is going to give you some chubby-cheeked fry, I think. really nice.



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                      Maurice and others, an honest question- This breeder's shiro are legendary, been that way for at least ten years. But they are an old line of koi and seem very expensive for a line that doesn't get very big? The best females are in the $8,00 $ 12,000 range but don't usually see 70 cm as adults. Kohaku and sanke of equal quality and price ar easily 80 cm adults. So the question I have is- are these shiro living on past reputation or are they really worth the high price they command? JR


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                        Jim, they are not expensive in my mind. Not the sort of price you are talking.
                        You know Carl fairly well, go ask him what he thinks of the prices, I'm sure he will give you the same answer.


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                          I had not planned to buy at Omosako. I had spent out by a long way!
                          I missed a visit last harvest, we had planned to go, but Mike Snaden in his very organised way was WAY OUT, I say WAY OUT on his timing and it had to be cancelled.
                          So when Carl asked to go, I tagged along. While there I happened to mention that I would be returning this harvest to buy a female for my breeding program. Omosako san rushed me over to a pond and bowled the koi in question. He said it was one they had been keeping for future breeding, but I could have it if it were suitable.
                          I could not miss the chance so snapped it up. I can honestly say, given the pond to pick from, I would have picked the same one, it has all the qualities I look for and Mike will vouch for that fact that it is MY sort of shiro.
                          The photo does it no justice.


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                            thank you for sharing your pictures of the visit to omosako who does produce some stunning shiro and from your purchace you can see the quality that this man can produce.



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                              JR raises an interesting question... not just about Omasako, but the direction of shiro utsuri generally. My "knowledge" is limited to what I can glean from reading and photos. When I come across a photo of a larger sized shiro there is a messiness about the sumi that detracts considerably, or the shiro will not have the purity needed for the best contrast, or there is harshness that may reflect skin quality. (Ignore the occasional Rinko photo of large shiro ... cannot trust those whites to be accurate.) It must give the judges a challenge in balancing size and relative quality.

                              Is there a shiro breeder trying to introduce super-jumbo genes? I expect it took a lot to get the red bred out and it would not be an easy thing for a shiro breeder to use a genetic line with red in it. The breeder would have to be a risk taker.


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