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  • Sanke.....

    ...from Sakai Hiroshima.

    Just for fun anyone like to share their opinions?

    Seems the underlaying sumi is coming up in all the right places.... to me anyways.

    Regards, Ian
    Backyard Puddle
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    I think you are right about the sumi, but that's something you just have to wait on. To my taste, it all comes down to the second hi step. Very curious marking. If it solidifies with clean breaks fore & aft, it will grab the attention, competing with the head. I'd like to see the scales of the second step more closely to better guess at what the hi is doing. You are going to have fun watching that one develop.


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      Pattern is very cool. At first I thought the pattern was too one-sided, But as with the better patterns "the more you look, the more you like." And if the plack fills most of where it looks like it will, it will be a very high quality pattern, even considering so much red on the head.
      My biggest concern is the leading ray on the pecs.


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        I always feel unfortable about commenting on koi because I don't know if someone just bought the koi or a dealer is counting on a sale for thier livlihood etc. so with apologies to any uncomfortable situation. it is only my opinion.
        the koi as it grows will develop a very nice body and very nice white. in a healthy environment i think the pec will recover altho my personal selection process rules out anything with an injury.
        while most comments so far are surrounding the sumi, the real focus should be the beni. next year the orange goes red,and difficulties begin in the shoulder with the breaking up of the beni in that area.
        suggestions if your have or are planning to buy the koi. try to maintain health but slow the growth. do not push. be extremely careful with your PH and try to stabilize in the mid 7's. anything in the mid 8's will hurry what i predict happening. this breeder does a wonderful job and I have a great deal of repect for thier efforts. all koi from the same bloodline are not created equal,however.
        Dick Benbow


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          Here's a closer look for ya Mike...
          Thanks for all your input..

          Had it a year now and it has been slowly shapening up. From Tosia I think I can see only improvements in the Beni. The sashi and kiwa are just starting to sharpen up.
          Thanks on the tip Mr Benbow as a new pond is in this sankes future.

          Regards Ian
          Backyard Puddle


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            I don't think that is an injury, the fish has both leading rays of the fish stopping short. Some koi are like that. Ah, "Turbo" sumi in the making. Two black sumi spots like black holes in space. The teenage hi, the snowy white and the few trademark diamond scales. I see nothing but excitement here.

            My Sakai kohaku had a hi bridge at age two that broke cleanly at age three. He lives in a pH of 7.8.

            I really enjoy the Maruzome kiwa in this bloodline of these fish. Also, they become quite large


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              Well, that is really a close-up photo. SMG has made good observations. I think the second step will be nicely separated from the head. But, there is some hint it might break up some. That would be unfortunate because it is such a distinctive mark. I am usually drawn to the head pattern first ... and have often bought koi whose faces attract me despite the rest of the pattern being problematical. This one is different from what I usually like. The first and third steps are "predictable" ... nice enough, but not exciting. The second step adds adventure and the development of this fish will be an interesting one.

              One of the things I find fascinating about koi is how they draw out emotional reactions in the viewer truly like works of art. The abstraction appeals even to those who would not care for an abstract painting to hang in their home. Somehow it is different when it swims in a pond.


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