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  • Wakagoi 2004

    I've seen a photo of the GC on the NI bulletin board. It is a Kohaku bred by a Niigata breeder I haven't heard of before.

    Anybody know any more details?

    rgds Bern
    South East Koi Club

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    Me too Bern!
    The breeder is given as Maruhoshi.
    If it's typo or spelling mistake nearest I can think of is Mano Hiroshi, Tamuraya.
    Can anybody throw any light on this? Maybe Brian will get on line at the hotel?

    "Gentlemen prefer ponds"


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      Well according to Waddy's post on NI it's not a typo or spelling mistake and he does advise who and where the breeder is.
      He advises, on NI, that it is "Nishikigoi no Maruhoshi".
      I hope it's ok for me to repeat this info. but I do credit Waddy as the source and NI as the BB he posts it on.

      "Gentlemen prefer ponds"


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        Hi Andrew,

        Following up on Waddy's post I found the guy in the Shinkokai Nishikigoi guide. As he says a Kohaku breeder on the outskirts of Nagaoka. A place called Katatamachi
        South East Koi Club


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          Hi Folks,

          Just got back this morning, and this is the first access I've had to a computer since Friday. The winner was owned by Mr. Yamada of Kanagawa prefecture (where I live), and the kohaku that won it for him was produced by Maruhoshi (the Hoshino brothers) who trade out of Nagaoka. The kohaku was 63 cm, and had magnificent volume. It was indeed the champion.

          I'm going to get some sleep, but I'll post some pics up on the board tonight.

          Matt, after talking with Tsuyoshi it seems like we missed you by a matter of minutes! :cry:
          Brian Sousa
          Koi-Bito Forum


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            yes, Brian, seems seems like a tradition for us, i think we have been at 3 of the same shows now and not yet met.

            but i'm sure we will soon enough. I had a great time though and i think i have met Maruhoshi. I belive he is the breeder who forst introduced me to Torazo. On one of my first trips to ojiya i stopped by his place, i saw the greenhouse and ponds from the road on the way from nagaoka. and after checking his fish, and stumbling thought my beginers japanese, he thought intrroducing me to Kawakami-san would be a good idea, it cetrainly was.

            Also Brian, i will probably be back in Ojiya or one or both of the last weekends of May, if you are around then let me know.


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