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  • Your comments please

    This is my first post on this forum and would like your comments on these two Sanke purchased last weekend.

    Cheeers Ray.
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    They're nice looking fish and appear to be very good quality.
    When choosing a showable sanke you should mentally erase all of the sumi (black) and see if you have a nice kohaku underneath.
    You be the judge.


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      Welcome Razer. I think you will find this is a pleasant board to visit every day. Not much needless argument and not a lot of repetition. But, some interesting debates from time to time and always new tidbits of knowledge.

      My opinion: The first looks female to me. If you have been lurking for a while, you may already know that I like black on red, even if the judges don't. I like the clean body shape. I think the head will improve with age. I'd probably not buy her, but if I already owned her I'd want to keep her a long time to see how she develops. Wish not so heavy on the hi on back half and that the hi step by the dorsal was larger, filling a bit more of the shiro void. But, can't have everything. I'd enjoy having her & hope you have her for many years.

      The second looks male to me. The unbalanced sumi and unbalanced hi patterns try to compensate for one another, but don't quite cut it to my taste. That said, he has bright color and presents a happy disposition. I expect he would be a graceful swimmer adding a dash of spice to a pond.


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        I'm not going to repeat what mikem said. I'll agree with every bit of it, especially the "spice" point. And the onesided pattern not pulling it off.


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          HI RAY!
          Welcome to our chat line. they look like nice quality koi. white , black and red all look good. I think you'll enjoy watching them mature in your pond and learn from the changes. thanks for posting. as has been pointed out not every koi in our pond has to have the perfect pattern to be enjoyed. your real challenge is to help them become all they can be with good water/environment! hope your on to the quality info available here
          and in the magazine published by our host.
          Dick Benbow


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            Hi lads thanks for your comments, as i'v olny been keeping koi for 3 years
            I still have a lot to learn. i have no intensions of showing so i buy koi that i think will look good in my pond, will try to take some of the other points on board next time i go looking for another fish.



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              the comments from the members are good advise and we dont always when choosing koi see the potential straight away but if comes down to if you like the koi and think it would look good in your pond then thats a good factor as well.



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