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questions when breeding showa

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  • questions when breeding showa

    about 10 days before, i got my showa breeding.
    all them do well their duty. but after hatching, guroko was not so much
    in there. only about 0.5% was. i heard that female is from dainichi.
    some elders said that i may well not use the female from next year,
    but i think if i use another male then result will be good the more.
    am i wrong? is there any good method?
    i have another difficulty.
    i have 2 male ginrin showa. i am to trying them to spawn.
    but checking yesterday, pushing belly, they have no sign to ready.
    is it impossible to spawn forever?
    please help, advise me. thank you.
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    Greetings mr Lee!
    It's been awhile since we've heard from you, so it was nice to get your message.
    Breeding high quality koi is a difficult task you have chosen. But I think if you continue to learn as you go you will build your knowledge. 5% is
    a small amount for sure but what you won't know with showa is the results.
    most showa are done at 8 years old. by three years old you should be able to tell from your young males the quality they received from thier
    I don't think you can make decisions on pairs until the results are known. if all 5 % of the young are fantastic then it will be worth the reward. what is the value of 50% black fry if you have to feed and keep the water quality thru an entire year only to find out that 10% of these are
    any good. you are no farther ahead. I remember a shiro that sakai hiroshima had that had few black fry but the quality was always up.
    Most males need to be atleast 3 years old to breed. how old are your gin rin? they also tend to mature sexually when exposed to females in the same water supply that can expose the males to the female hormone she releases when she is ready. this encourages them. you may want to keep the fish separated perhaps by netting but allowed to be in the same water.
    I wish you good luck with your attempts. if your lucky you can be very proud of your accomplishments, if not you can appreciate the work that it is to produce good koi by professional breeders. it is work! I hope something I've said here will help you toward your goal.
    Dick Benbow


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      thank you for remember me and answer.
      my male ginrin showas are 3 years old and as you mentioned,
      they were seperated by net in the same water. after checking,
      i had an idea and i did. that is moving them several days earlier
      than female in spawning tank. and waiting now, hoping show sign.
      i have question one more.
      recently, 15 days before, here in korea a little bit hot.
      so i thought kois were stimulated.
      unfortunatedly my hope female sanke's eggs were
      flow out against violent moving. instantly i moved her in spawning tank
      with male. irregulary about 9 p.m, they were start spawning.
      but fertility was actually low. i think males were not ready.
      when happening like this case, how should i do?
      i wish your advise.
      always thanks :smt045


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        Here are some thoughts for you to consider

        The way I introduce males are into an established tank with the female
        already 24-48 hrs in that tank ahead of the males. timing for me is 4 days before a full moon or when I can raise or drop the temperature of the spawning tank 4 degrees. this can be done with heaters to raise the temp then unplug them and allow to cool while increasing oxygenation to help rapidly cool. I usually introduce the males in the evening and around daybreak the spawning is complete. with a new young untried male of 3 years old I usually try and have a proven male so I do not waste the female's eggs.

        I hope something I've said will help you in your effort. let me know if you need help in the selection (simbetsu) culling process.
        Dick Benbow


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          sure, i always need your advice.
          thank you very much :smt045


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            wow, ginrin males are ready


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