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  • Summer Arrives

    In sunny central Florida summer is approaching, with daytime highs in the upper 80s - lower 90sF. The shady spot where the pond is located makes for a nice escape, even if the constant leaves are a nuisance.
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    Very idilic Mike.

    Over in the UK, we managed mid 60's today, well down South it was anyway. Raining up North! :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Regards, Bob
    ><{{{{º> ><{{{{º> ><{{{{º>
    <º}}}}>< <º}}}}><


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      Hey Mike! nice collection of koi! it rained cats and dogs yesterday in Seattle and was in the low 60's.
      Dick Benbow


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        Nice setting you have there Mike.

        Well, I don't have summer or winter over here, being a tropical country. Temperature range from 15 c at night to 27 c at noon. So kois have growth period of 12 month per year!


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          Mike - beautiful pond, beautiful koi. Thanks for sharing with us. Like Dick mentioned, up here in Washington, ponds in the low to mid 60's in our neck of the woods. Wish we had some of your warmth early on in the year.


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            Well, nobody will see any picturs of the pond for a while. The pecan tree is dropping bloom tassels covering the whole surface of the pond. Netting them out works for about .... until you stop netting them. Looks as if 75% of the tassels have fallen, so hopefully nearing the end of the bombardment. The water is tea-brown despite a 30% waterchange on Friday nite, followed by a 50% change Saturday afternoon. The tassels clogged the skimmer (happens of course when having to work past dark), caused the pump running one filter system to burn out. (Will pick up replacement tomorrow.) Fortunately there is a separate filter that turns over the pond volume hourly.

            The koi are taking it in stride. Eating well (on reduced rations) and trying to figure out why their currents aren't the same as always.... One glutton keeps going to her particular spot, but without the returns from the one system functioning, not much food is floating there. I do believe it is possible for a koi to have sad eyes.


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              So Mike, How's "vamp" doing in all this?
              Dick Benbow


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                She is doing fine. In fact, I think she likes less current. ....Maybe that was part of why she took so long to acclimate?

                Spent the morning re-doing my mother's garden at her condo. Spent the afternoon doing another 50% water change. It is now a weak tea color. Curious that the algae has darkened. Seems to be absorbing the tannins, which is likely not good for the health of the algae.


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