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    The photo book for the 1980 All Japan Show arrived in my mailbox today. Mostly in Japanese characters, but some English appears in places. Over 300 pages of color photography and detailed records of every winner in all sizes and varieties. It joins the 1990 edition on my bookshelf. It tells so much about the hobby in Japan that such works could be published as hardback books. I do not believe AKCA or any club in the U.S. could do such a thing without going broke. Nobody would attempt it. Also interesting to see the changes in styles over the decade. Now I need to find the 2000 edition.
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    Hi Mike,

    I've got a fairly large collection of these myself going all the way back to the inaugural edition. It is indeed interesting to watch the trends change over the years, and more interesting yet to see the faces of people you know as they were 20-30 years ago.

    The books no doubt are very expensive to produce, printing here in Japan is high quality...but costly! Unfortunately, the books don't have as much of a market as they used to during the heady days of the Japanese economic miracle.

    Excellent books nonetheless!
    Brian Sousa
    Koi-Bito Forum


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      What year was the inaugural edition?

      Also, is there a market for them in Japan? If so, what kind of prices? ....I'm wondering what would be a fair amount to offer to somebody.

      (I may more readily find old ones no longer wanted by a family than recent ones.)


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        Some information for you-

        There were actually two companies competing for the market in the beginning. Eventually, the none silk covered version won out as the production costs from 1969 to 1980 just broke the bank!
        The entire collection is from 1969 to 2003. I'm very interested in seeing what they will produce for 2004?
        The new issue comes out around April so it should be available now?

        An interesting point- the first show as held in Dec of 1969 but from then on all shows for this event were held in January. So technically there was no 1970 show as that show was held a month earlier in the calander year of 1969! Tripped waddy up with that one!
        The old books are easy to get from the publisher but pretty limited in selection as time goes by. A lot of the auction houses in Niagata have them in large numbers tucked away here and there. The price is about $200 a copy. But Bob Brudd and I found a place in Chiba and he were able to by them for $50 a copy! I already had them all so boy was I dissappointed! Probably should have bought some but carrying things all over Japan is a problem!

        The hardest ones to get are numbers one and two and for some reason, 1981. This is the year the second big book went bust so that may have something to do with it? I was offered $1000 for my number one copy and turned it down. That would have made it up there in collectors value with the most coveted book of all- The 100 koi book worth over $1200 now. There is only one copy in the USA as far as I know - and its NOT MINE! But I'm looking! The other very valuable book is the original Book of Great Nishikigoi two volumes silk bound and boxed- estimated value $ 700 for each copy. I have both of those.

        I have an extra copy of 1979 if your interested.


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          Hi Jim,

          While we're on the subject of books...have you ever seen this one?
          Brian Sousa
          Koi-Bito Forum


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            I have! I offered serious money for that book from a Japanese broker dealer we likely both know! He wanted a ridiculous amount of money but it IS the book to own! JR


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              Brian - what book is that one? Some details please. Thanks.


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                Need more magazines for my collection.

                I started collecting Nishikigoi Monthly, and some old Nichrin. I was wondering if anyone has extra copies they wanted to sell? I am always interested in buying anything related to Nishikigoi be it from Japan or anywhere.
                The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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