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  • What's in a name?

    On the other board there was a recent announcement herading the introduction of the Pond Flow prefilter.

    Now I posed a few question that basicly said Pond Flow is almost exactly the same thing as an Estrosieve which was discussed a couple of years back. Then, we branded the Estrosieve as crap, so why should we think anthing different now.

    Last time this happened, NC was singing the praise of Israeli koi and now it's the Estrosieve reincarnation. Was it just a case of only NI advertizers welcome? Nobody seems to want to cross swords (katana?) with NC. Does planting a EA stamp on something make it better of is it just NC all knowing vision of things?

    Mind you I can think of appilcations where it would work but only if the filter following the estrosive is higher than the pond level. Not ideal in my book.

    Any comments?

    Semper in excreta, sumus solum profundum variat
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    Being cynical

    The estrosieve was introduced as a direct competitior just after the Answer hit the market...what would you expect?

    Kois have to eat.

    Thai Koi-Keepers' Group


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      Wrong actually. The estrosive preceeded the answer by about 3 years. Of course the two are in direct competion an the one was an NI advertizer and the other wasn't. So does the EA estro mean that the whole idea has been welcomed back into the fold?
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        I am surprised at the number of similar products..estrosieve, ultrasieve, pond flow...etc.

        IS EA marketing someone elses's product (with or without enhancements? It strikes me someone might be heading for patten rights issues.

        If EA knew that estrosieve and ultrasieve were already on the market, and with the flow control on them, I fail to see why EA would go there...there are other koi product areas to do R&D on. I am sure there is a plan...somewhere. :wink: After all,,,,we have waited how long now for the Nexus control panel?

        Koi keeping is not a belief system; it is applied science with a touch of artistry.


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          I did a little looking about and the applications for this wedge wire stuff is VAST The patent is quite limited as the wedgewire belongs to someone else and the systems basic configuration has been in use for ages.

          I think the whole point is that the main down sides to using an answer is the power consumption and the limited flow capacity. With any of the wedge wire systems you have a passive application with a larger flow rate. The are just jumping on the band wagon I guess. Too bad the prise isn't being depressed because of it. But you never know.
          Semper in excreta, sumus solum profundum variat


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            B. Scott,
            Greetings! I think from a marketing standpoint the word "new" somehow means it's improved or better and marketing geniuses
            are always looking for something to sell. repackaging, rehyping, change the color etc. I think koi keepers have to look at the level of thier pond and ask does it make sense to stand for the expense of such items.
            I have used just about everything in the market because I need the hands on knowledge for my seminars. Of the two products you mentioned
            I have used and no longer do. as you mentioned each has it's draw backs.
            I do think publishers have a tremdous influence over what is preceived
            by thier readers as fact. It's a two edged sword tho, if trust is built and then destroyed, less is believed the next time around.
            The only thing I've seen when everyone jumps on a bandwagon, the product usually improves and the price comes down. ( like the electronics
            industry) which can be good for everyone. like always time will tell.
            Your not afraid to say what you think are you! (lol)
            Dick Benbow


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              Afraid to speak my mind? Little timid me? Wouldn't want any editors POed at me! Oh no! Not that!
              He he he he he he he he HA! :roll: 8) :twisted:
              Semper in excreta, sumus solum profundum variat


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