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    For the past couple of years I have used Kent Marine's Ammonia Detox when concerned about binding ammonia. Unlike other binders, it uses hydrogen sulfite (not sulfide). It was promoted as binding nitrite & I heard good reports on it from some tropical breeders. So, I used it in cycling situations to minimize nitrite exposure where salt was not acceptable. Now I see that Seachem has a similar product called Prime, and on another Board there is discussion regarding whether ammonia binders like Amquel cease to bind after 24 hours. All of which has me curious regarding the reaction of sulfite and whether such a formulation would avoid the de-binding after 24 hours .... if the de-binding really occurs? Hoping there are some chemists ready to educate me.
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    Hi Mike-

    I have used Prime for a number of years. Rod Lawton and I are big proponents of Prime. However, neither of us are chemists so we cannot speak to your question on binding after 24 hours. I would suggest you ask Joe White. Any experienced koi show water quality guy should know how long the Amquel continues to bind the Ammonia. Based on what I've seen at the show sites, the water quality guys add additional Amquel throughout the weekend so I question whether the Amquel binds beyond 24 hours unless that is the additional ammonia put off by the fish.

    Mike Pfeffer
    Mike Pfeffer
    Northern Midwest ZNA show
    June 19 - 20, 2010
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