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Brian, what's in the next issue?

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  • Brian, what's in the next issue?

    Summer is here, the koi are feeding to their hearts contents...It's like Christmas when I get a new koi magazine issue. So what is in store for the next issue? DVD? Ogawa feature? Saki Hiroshima feature?
    What are your opinions of the magazine in it's first run?
    The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.
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    I quess Brian can address some of the first questions but I'd like to say something about the last.

    I have yet to run into anyone who has been a subscriber to Kb that is not happy with it. Many people are unaware of it, that's why I've included the magazine in all my seminars as well as promoting this chat line.

    In the past I've subscribed to several magazine from japan translated into english. they held my interest for several years but then it seemed once past the pablum stage they diddn't step me up into more learned articles as were being published in thier japanese lanquage version. in fact i would find articles on my hero at the time-Sakai-isawa-and pay to have the articles translated into english so i could get something of content.

    then i discovered english magazines. had some content and no translation problems. the quality was very slick. I felt the Brits were not that far behind the hobby from the japanese and definetly ahead of the vast american koi keepers. I always looked forward to thier trips in the spring and fall to japan and thier reports on breeders and what they saw and learned.

    On another chat board i had developed a friendship with a Brit dealer who
    told me about Brian and asked me to support his effort. I am glad he did.
    here is someone who speaks both lanquages lives year around in japan
    and knows how to write. the fact that he is just as koi kracy as ther rest of us definetly helps.

    over the past year I have had on and off the board conversations with Brian. I find him to be a stand up guy. he has integrity and a big heart.
    Just the kind of guy your happy to support. I hope his magazine continues to grow with more articles and advertisers. I hope others are as impressed as i am with the magazine and will recommend it to thier friends. It's a competitive field out there! but there something inside me that wants to root for the little guy, who against all odds pulls it off and becomes #1. and i'll bet you when he does ( notice i diddn't say if )you can bet he won't forget his roots!!!!!!
    Dick Benbow


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      For true koikeepers, I think K-B is the overall best mag available in English. NI's relationship with Evolution Aqua may keep it ahead on the technology in the West, but otherwise NI has more hype than substance. Other mags are more geared to hobbyists at all levels, leaving just a few items per issue that open new doors of understanding. There is always something in K-B that requires thinking things through. The Momotaro bloodline article was the best of its type I've ever read on koi. The discussion of the young breeders opens a new window on the dynamic of the industry. Of course, K-B brought Bakki Showers & BH to the West.

      Can Brian extend his relationship with breeders beyond Momotaro to give us similar insights on others? ..... sounds like he might be doing something just like that in the issue ahead!

      I get 5 koi mags currently. If I had to limit myself to 2, it would be KoiUSA (because I want to know what others locally are reading); and K-B.


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        Aw shucks made me get all misty! :smt010

        I've got to say that you've all been great and very patient and supporting this first publishing year. It makes me want to do much, much more and I've got the skinny on what's coming up and some news for you folks as well to fill you in on things at this end. There's been some very positive recent developments.

        Unfortunately, I've only got very slow access at the moment and won't have broadband again until next Thurs. :smt012 so I'll save the bulk of this posting for tomorrow when I can take my laptop down to a hotspot location and spend some serious time answering aquitori's question

        Things are definitely on a positive note!
        Brian Sousa
        Koi-Bito Forum


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          Glad to hear things are moving forward." Kaisan"? right! Will look forward to hearing back from you with more details! I have a seminar in a few hrs so will be packing my kb's along for show and tell!
          Dick Benbow


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            Are your refering to Kaizen or Genchi Genbutsu? Either way, it applys to Brian.



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              Yup, I mean the japanese concept of improvement every day!
              Dick Benbow


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                My koi Kichi has a sanke in the grow ponds of Daiinich that is two years away from taking a run at all japan honors. I recall an hour or so after the purchase Frutoshi ( the oldest son ) asking my friend if he really knew how good that koi was that he just purchased. later again after supper the question was again posed with similar response.
                I say all this in response to the last KB issue. I'm thinking about the article on tosai selection. Do you realize how really good this article is?
                If you knew what i had to do and the decades I had to struggle thru to elicit that information, and you get it for a few minuets of reading. Wow!

                Do you know how really good that article is?
                Dick Benbow


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                  I agree Dick the best mag by far.
                  What I would like to see and learn more about is how the Japanese grow their koi. What I mean is when to feed colour enhancing and what are the best temps to keep koi during Winter and so on.
                  How to get the most tsuya and teri on the skin and how to improve red,white and black and body shape.
                  I the Koi-Bito DVD Mr Maeda mentioned that one koi lost some of it's teri and colour enhancing would not work at that point in time. He suggested it goes to the mudpond for the Summer.Things like these for me is priceless. We have all learned how to keep good water but what about the rest?
                  Will we ever know what the Japanese do? :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:
                  Jaco Vorster
                  South Africa


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                    Hi Jaco!
                    I do think we will know. Remember this is a moving target so things change and even the most elite breeder makes changes to their programs. But I do think the information is available and KB as a source
                    will continue to be so.
                    It won't be long and other asian markets will challenge the japanese so
                    the quest will be ongoing.
                    Dick Benbow


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