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    I have a feeder koi that I really really want to find a good home for. Kyou is my darling out of the three I rescued. He's 9 inches long, and I've had him for only 9 months. He was 2 inches long when I bought him. Now, this growth may not seem like much as first, but most of this was in a 10 gallon tank. He was supposed to go into a relative's pond nigh on two months ago (when he was still "only" 7 inches long) but that has since fallen through due to them having to move. I cannot, in good conscience, keep Kyou any more. I already know that he was in far too small a space, even with moving him to the thirty gallon tub I set up. I just simply couldn't stand to see such a lovely fish die.
    Kyou is a one-step kohaku wannabe (mostly orange with a white belly and some stripes up the sides) with sanke lurking in the bloodlines (blue "eyeshadow"). He is finger tame, but gets shy/nervous when moved to a new location. It will only take him a couple days to be sucking on your fingers for goodies though.
    I'm kind of nervous about shipping... so if there's anyone in california, preferably close to the bay area (ie a three hour drive away or so, but farther will be acceptable), who would like a lovely, big, and friendly pond-mutt kohaku/sanke I would be thrilled to give him to you... and hopefully get visitation rights every once in a great while too!

    So yeah, I hope I'm not violating any rules with this, but I do love my koi dearly and know that he'd be well taken care of if taken by someone at this place. Please help!
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