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    While your waiting for your reply, I thought I'd tell you what I do to get maximum growth from my koi.

    I have a trickle of water about the thickness of a pencil running into my pond thru charcoal as a declorinator 24/7. The overflow goes to waste.
    Tosai get as much minerals and other needs from the water at this age as they do from the feed to build body and bone. the older the koi gets the more it receives from it's feed.

    your must have a heater on your pond or a way to maintain the heat.
    growth is matabolism driven. 72-78 F is your target to retain. feedings
    of higher protein food every two hours will help. Keep in mind that the higher the temp the less water is able to retain oxygen so air pumps/stones need to keep oxygen content at max for that temp. Also
    heavy air creates current. exercise is a must for growth and development.

    lastly, don't overcrowd. 4,500 gallons will give max growth to half a dozen
    koi.Your filter needs to be properly designed and bigger than you would anticipate needing.
    this is pretty simplictic form. there are alot of details that add to the effort.
    R.O. water as reported on by KB from hobbiests in the UK. lots of other details as your press toward the mark. but for basics that will get you headed in the right direction.
    Dick Benbow


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