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  • mouth wide open

    I have a 18 inch Chagoi with his mouth stuck wide open, for two days he stays in front of the return, not eating.
    1st day I netted and inspected and put to sleep for 1 minute.. Very gently touched his back teeth with a soft rounded rubber paintbrush handle with debribe on it, and about 1/2 inch past to make sure it was clear.........
    Also, no infections inside or out of mouth. very clean pure white.
    I can close mouth by hand, but it go's right back, wide open....
    ???????????????Any help or ideas?????????????
    thanks, dylan
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    I have heard of this happening. don't have direct exoperience as to tell you what to do. I believe the mouth has been dislocated like a human's jaw. If it was me not knowing exactly what to do but having previously
    learned there's no physical blockage, I think I would move and flex things around while the koi is under and see if i could get something to snap back.
    I hope we get a response here soon from someone who has the right
    how-to. Sorry i couldn't have been more help. The only thing I ever ran across was a stick in the gills which i was able to remove with a pair of tweezers while the koi was under sedation.
    good Luck
    Dick Benbow


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