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    hi, this is my 1st time on the forum. i had read the forum b4 joining
    & find lots of experts & pros around which the reason i'm here.
    i just set up a 1000gallon koi pond more than 2 months ago but
    no koi yet except for a few goldfish to start the bio-filter kicking.
    the water parameter have been stable for a month now though i
    think that the biological process is yet to be matured. so i feel its
    time to introduce koi to the pond.
    i bought 2 koi from a local koi farm after visiting a few of them just
    to check them out. the koi will be in my quarantine tank for a week
    so that i can observe them for any parasites though my dealer had
    already quarantine them for 3 weeks since arrival from Japan.
    i might be a bit too cautious but i just want to get the basic right so
    that my koi torments will be minimal in my inexperience hands.

    i have attached a picture of Dainichi showa 30cm for you guys to comments on what mistake i've made so that i could improve on
    selecting & buying my next koi. :wink:
    my own opinion in selecting this fellow is because it have a kohaku
    pattern,good white thick skin,hi & sumi seem thick enough for future
    grow to my inexperience eyes. big head & tail gives me an impression
    that there is a high possibility of this koi becoming a jumbo. i recalled
    an article stating that if a showa has some black around the mouth,
    generally develop a better black color tones with this koi have
    it there in the picture. there is a bit of not so black scales near the
    dorsal fin. not sure if sumi changing or coming out. body shape &
    volume looks find to me.
    o.k. correct me guys. [/img]
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    uh,can't load picture. :?
    i've click on browse & add attachment. is it wrong? need advise.



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      Was the picture file too big? Please send it to me and I I will post it for you. [email protected]


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        You have a 1000 gallon pond. Don't worry about jumbo potential as you will never see it in 1000 gallons of water. Choose a male and one that appeals to your eye and you can't go wrong. Best of luck.

        Mike Pfeffer
        Mike Pfeffer
        Northern Midwest ZNA show
        June 19 - 20, 2010
        Season's Garden Nursery
        Fishers, IN


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          Hi Mike,
          thanks for the advise. i'm very new to this koi keeping so did
          not build a big pond. there are still ground for me to extend my
          pond in future when i gain more knowledge & experience.
          maybe i could convert/demolish my swimming pool. what you think?
          how big should a pond be for koi to develop into jumbo? if possible
          kindly give me a rough dimension so that i could plan ahead.


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            Hi Dean,
            Welcome to our board! I think all of us started at a point and progressed
            to where we are now so why not a thousand gallons. It's a beginning. Mike's advice is sage and while your getting your "feet wet" you can save a few bucks with males.
            If your true intent is to eventually have a pond to support koi with growth potential, I'd say put aside about 1000 gallons per female.
            Personally, I'm a proponent of this formula for pond construction.
            establish the depth ( say 6 feet) double it to create the width (12) and double that to create the length (24) this will put you close to 14,000
            gals (u.s) with filter. hence you could stock 14 koi. for reference I have 6,000 with 6 koi.
            For someone just starting out I don't see any need to rush. enjoy your
            pond. keep your numbers down. work like cracy to understand water quality and get a few years under your belt. I do commend you for taking responsibility for a q tank and dispite what anyone says running your new
            koi thru a proper program. Always remember that no matter what happens you are responsible for your koi's ultimate health and well being.
            I hope you will support Koi-bito with your subscription. if not for the good this board does, for the wonderful and educational articles available
            within it's pages.
            Dick Benbow


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              The showa IS a male I think.


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                The picture you sent me is the wrong kind of file and much too large. I couldn't convert it so I took a picture of it on my computer, that is, a photo of it on my screen. It is not a great copy but if you click on it you can get a bigger copy. Bqack on the tail tube just before the tail is another red step, like a tail light but it is hard to see this. Could you take another picture of the fish in a JPEG or some other picture file this board takes?


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                  Hi Dean...

                  Thanks to SMG for getting us an image to look at!

                  I like your koi very much. very pretty. I have an old style showa from daiinichi as well and they just keep getting better as they age.

                  Well you got the selection part down pretty good, let's see if your up to the challenge of keeping!
                  Dick Benbow


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                    hi guys here the picture finally.


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                      hi shiromujigirl,
                      thanks for helping me attached the picture. i could attached my
                      picture finally.above is a clearer picture of the showa i just bought.
                      please comments?

                      hi dick,
                      thanks for the welcome.i have already subscribe to Koi Bito mag.
                      last week but no sure if i'll get the bonus DVD cos no reply.
                      i have also purchased Nishikigoi manual a couple of days back from
                      this web-site.
                      i have measure my swimming pool. it is 21'X15' but the dept only 4.5'.
                      if i could convert/demolish it into a koi pond without my wife killing me
                      & dig another few ft deep,i might be able to have a pond for jumbo.
                      anyway that's future planinng & if i have enough experiences eventually.

                      it was not easy buying my 1st 2 koi cos alot of koi from famous Japanese
                      breeder.all big name like Sakai,Hosakai,Momotaro,Dainichi... etc.
                      all look great to me. i tried to contain my excitment & recall whatever
                      materials i read about choosing koi & stick to my perferences. mistake
                      is inevitable to new guy to this koi keeping hobby like me. my next koi
                      which i bought together with Dainichi showa is a sumi koromo. if any
                      guys out there are interested to see it,i could put up an attachment now
                      that i know how to post



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                        Please tell your wife it is possible and fun to swim with koi. I do it all the time. If you filters and stocking rate are not good enough to make pure and swimmable water for people they are not good enough for koi either. Just take a shower first so no films of lotions, cream rinse, etc, get into the koi pond. Does she want to swim in a sterile tank with chlorine that burns the eyes or in a backyard koi pond lake full of dream fish? It is wonderful when big koi come right up to you.


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                          Yes Dean, please post a picture of the goromo.

                          Mike Pfeffer
                          Mike Pfeffer
                          Northern Midwest ZNA show
                          June 19 - 20, 2010
                          Season's Garden Nursery
                          Fishers, IN


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                            Dainishi Showa

                            I agreed, the showa does look to be male. However, I was told that Dainishi's kois tend to be slender before bulking up. Is this true?

                            Please post pictures of the goromo.

                            Thai Koi-Keepers' Group


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                              How many people have kept a koi in a hotel bath tub with ammonia binders during a koi show weekend?


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