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BKKS this weekend!!!!!!!!!!

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  • BKKS this weekend!!!!!!!!!!

    I had to laugh after reviewing the various boards this year. No a single mention of the Enlgish national show. In the absence of the All japan show, this is the BIGGEST show going this year!
    Was hopeful that a kind hearted Brit would take a few pics of the event and kindly post them for all to see. Benching is friday with the judging saturday and viewing sunday. THAT's THIS weekend!!!!
    If it's not an imposition and someone volunteerrs to shoot some pics and post em', could you keep an eye out for a few olde blue koi and shoot a coupla pics of them as well! (LOL)
    thanks Mate!
    Dick Benbow
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    We'll see whatwe can do for you. Looks to be an exciting weekend, heard rumours about GC contenders.
    I'm only going tomorrow (Sat), but will see if we can find a 'blue picture' for you!
    Regards, Bob
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      Hi Dick! Tried to respond to yopur post on another board, but could not remember my password!

      We have just about been done in by Ireland. Today we played tourist in Bath. [They won't let you even dangle a foot in the baths, but they do encourage one to drink the foul hot spring water. Does that say something about the Brits???]

      Tomorrow is the BKKS National. The family has decided not to go shopping as originally planned. Instead, they are off to Paris for the day. I'll be up around 5:30am in order to have time to get lost and still make it to the correct train station to be in Newark early. Then a brief taxi ride and I'll be at the show. Assuming I can get the batteries re-charged, I'll have the digital camera. Then, IF my daughter gets it right, I'll email photos to somebody after I am back in London. That will likely not be until Sunday local time, so I expect somebody else will post the GC soon after it is named. I'll have to leave the show before the judging is done, so I'll luikely not know the GC myself. BUT, I will get every Asagi photo'ed.


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        You Guys are the BEST!
        Mike you lucky Bum! I hope when you post you'll give us a sense of the sights and sounds of being there. Pictures are great but intangable to the
        opportunity to actually be there!
        Im real anxious Bob to see who will repeat as the dealer that brought in
        the GC. Will Peter get the title back, will Mike repeat, will someone be suddenly thrust into the limelight! This is great stuff!
        Thank you both for keeping an eye out for any neat looking asagi!
        Enjoy, enjoy....color me green with envy!
        Dick Benbow


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          Just waiting for the pics to be emailed to me, then I'll post them for you. One cracking Asagi, estimated at 90cm, lovely clear head.
          Regards, Bob
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            Pictures wont be long just e mailed them to Bob,sorry about the quality but hope they are ok.



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              Asagi's from BKKS show for Dick


              Well here they are and we searched high and low for them.

              One great Asagi at approx. 90cm with a lovely clear head and what' looks to me like lovely reticulation - but what do I know. 3 pictures of this one for you.

              A gin Rin Asagi. which was unsold at the time, but being touted by Clearwater Koi, size approx. 60cm. They sell Ogata Koi, so presume this one is from there.

              3rd Asagi is a lot darker and was in the show. Estimate the size at 40cm.
              Regards, Bob
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                Graham &amp; Bob

                A tip of the hat to you both. What a really nice thing for you to do.
                Thank you so much!

                The gin rin is iwashita's work. Nice koi and I bet she's three, no more than 4 years old! Nice Koi

                The next monster is a beaut! This is an especially good one and It looks like marusei as the breeder. This is narumi asagi.

                last one is gunjo or kongo-they are darker than narumi. Not as graceful as narumi. No disrepect but not on same playing field as others.
                these are fir FIRST pics I've seen on the BKKS show so good job!
                Dick Benbow


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                  Great to have seen Bob and his mate as well as Mike Snaden again!

                  Brian we missed you! You would have loved the weather ( if you like buckets of rain!)

                  Dick you really had had the folks dancing to your pipes! Seems like everone I came across was out collecting asagi pins or pictures for you. Too bad you didn't get a chance to see the big gal in person. Impressive even if asagi isnt one's personal taste!

                  Semper in excreta, sumus solum profundum variat


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                    Thanks for the report. Other than what I've seen on this board nothing else has been mentioned. I was sure that since it's sunday afternoon/evening there we would have gotten word who won, which dealer brought in the koi etc.
                    I kinda felt embarrassed about people looking for pics and pins etc.
                    But no one can doubt the good heartedness of koi keepers in the UK. I
                    hope when the reverse is needed I'll be there for them too!
                    As for the rain, Gee that sounds like the best in Pacific Northwest weather! If I'd of been there it would have been just like being home!
                    I just received a private message from a KB poster who has volunteered to receive my pics and get them posted while dan's machine is out of service. So hopefully in the next few days we'll have some more
                    to look at from the blueberry tails...Will reveal who that is at posting but what's so great about this to me is that this person is in another continent
                    from us in America and the UK. Man, I love this hobbby and the people!
                    Dick Benbow


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                      Dick [&amp; RodL], we are having some technical difficulties, but there will be lots of pics eventually. Maybe tomorrow I can post a half dozen. I'm really surprised nobody has pics posted on the boards I frequent.

                      Since I had to leave the show before all winners were announced, I cannot be sure who got what. But, the sanke MikeS supplied that took GC in 2003 was certainly the favorite of many in attendance. She would have had tough competition from another enormous Sanke, but that one had severe damage to her dorsal. Truly an unfortunate mar. So, there were a number of folks who were thinking the GC would be a repeat. BUT NO ....

                      Instead, it was a truly nice Kohaku the sneaked away with the GC honors. She was neither as long, nor as broad as the huge Sankes, but her shiro was cleaner and she had an eyecatching pattern ... like a surgical mask over her face. Definitely not a traditional look! I do not know the name of her owner, nor the dealer from whom acquired. Had to leave before that info was available. But, the pattern had the look of Momotaro ..... and if she was, I expect I know who imported her.] I expect there will be controversy. I would not have picked her to be GC, but I'm not a trained judge, either. However, long before she was picked for GC, I'd selected her as a personal favorite and the #1 Kohaku due to her length. [I actually thought some others of shorter length were better in color, conformation. ]

                      My personal favorite turned out not to be in the regular competition ... she was selected "Dealer Champion".

                      I've got about 80 photos. Will post the bunch when I get to it and give you a running commentary. It was a great show. Very high quality koi everywhere you looked. Oh, and since you've seen the pics of that enormous Asagi, believe me, they do not do her justice. Tough to get good photos because of all the aeration in the tanks. Without a digital camera, it would not have been worth the effort. I deleted at least 7 out of 10 shots to get some good ones.

                      Hope all that is enough of a tease to keep up yhe interest!

                      RodL: Met up with BernieW, etc. The ZNA Southern Koi Association award was to be presented to a modest sized, but extremely nice Gin Rin Showa that was in Vat 21. If somebody knows whose vat that was, maybe they will share the info. Presumably all went fine at the banquet.


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                        Thanks for the update Mike. Hope you had a great time, sounds like you did and got to see some really fantastic Koi. Looking forward to the pics either on the web or at one of our club meetings. Sounds like you picked a great choice to represent ZNASKA's friendship award.

                        Oh, BTW, since you are reading the boards, Joe reports from AKCA that he passed his judges exams and is now a full AKCA accredited Judge. Congratulations to Joe White! He also said that Martin Wilcox's Koi that won GC at the Tropical Koi Club's show, won the champion of champions contest and my Doitsu Showa that won Koi of the year at the North Florida Koi Show took 3rd place in the Koi of the year contest at AKCA.

                        Enjoy what you have left of the trip and tell the daughter thanks from us for letting you use the computer.

                        Rod L.


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                          Thanks to Mike for your information. As of this writing there was nothing on any other board as to pics or who won or anything. Atleast we have something to get some flavor of the show on.
                          Dick Benbow


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                            look here:-
                            Pics from the National posted fromFriday night! ;-)

                            "Gentlemen prefer ponds"


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                              Show pics

                              I'll be posting pics of all the major winners later today.
                              Mark Gardner


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