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    A neighbor of mine is enlarging his pond and I have just moved 20 koi from his pond into a 4000l vinyl pond. 10 koi are between 60cm and 75cm and the other 10 are +- 15cm.There were 4 koi of 35cm in the vinyl pond, they have been there for 8 weeks, as the water temp has dropped below 10 Celsius they have not been fed for the last four weeks and I have moved the 4 into another vinyl pond. The 20 Koi have now been in the pond for 10 hours. There is now a lot of foam on the water surface 1 koi has jump but lucky the bird net kept him in the temporary pond. An airtech 40 is suppling air on 66% to 33% between the two ponds.
    Is there anything more that I must do?

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    My quess with the foam is that you have no filtration on this pond and the water is getting old. I suggest you find a way to make a water change and figure out a way to keep a trickle of fresh going in.

    It wopuld also help to know your water parameters like PH, amonia Nitrite

    can you do a scrape? or even see the fish to see if they are flashing ot itching? usually when a koi tried to jump out it's because it was just moved or the water quality is deteriorating.

    I'm sure others would be willing to share their knowledge but you have to help with some more detailed information. (please)
    Dick Benbow


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      Often when I move larger koi to a different environment you'll get a spawn.///foam/// jumpers.
      Watch those parameters !!!


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