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What farms doing in Spring?

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  • What farms doing in Spring?

    Hey folks,

    Was wondering what koi farmers are concentrating on during the springtime. We are having a really cold winter here in Japan. Unlike coming in from fall harvest, I'm assuming that the koi kept indoors for the winter are all down in showing their stuff.

    How does this affect pricing if an individual plans a spring buying trip? Just curious...seems to be a real test for any individual viewing koi at this time? Any insights would be great.

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    Yes, it has been snowy this year, at least in the Niigata area. now is the time when farmers visit each other, talk about breeding prospects and spending time with their charges. getting close to march discissions are being made on what koi are going out to the mud ponds. If you had a good year with kohaku last spring and i with sanke I may trade you some of my better koi for some of yours to fill in my sales lot. Soon sales will begin in april for those retained over winter which they just don't have the room for in the growth ponds. Foreigners come and visit to make buys just like they did in the fall, just not as many of them.

    Thgis is a time to visit with family and friends as spring thru fall is so demanding, winter is pay back time, that is when you not shoveling snow off the roof and the drive.....
    Dick Benbow


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