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  • KB issue releases

    A friend ask me a question when talking about subscriptions to KB. The home page for subscribing says that the issue rate is every two months (6 copies a year). Looking at my past issues, that would seem to be true until the end of the first quarter of 2003. I think Brian changed the issues to quarterly at that time, but not positive. It looks like he did since I have obly gotten issue 5 (2003 Autumn) and now issue 6 (winter 2004). That would indicate summer 2004 wouild be the next issue which is not released yet?

    I don't have issue with any of this, don't get me wrong, I'm just trying to clear up the difference between what the subscrition page says and the actual issue rate. A newcomer could be quite hot however, if he is paying for what he thinks is a subscription for 6 issues a year and is only getting 4.

    Rod L.
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    Rod, I think irregardless of when the issues come out you still get 6 issues with a subscription.

    At least that's how it worked for me. (Thanks Brian!)

    Brian even allowed me to get back issues as part of the subscription; so I've got 1-6 even though I didn't really start subscribing until later.

    Looking forward to #7!


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      I agree with JasonS. I got 6 issues for the 'annual' subscription; and I think that's what really matters!

      Brian will never ask you to renew subscription if you have not received the 6 KB magazines.


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        I think you are taking this post wrong. I have been with Brian/Koi-Bito since he was taking pre issue subscritions. I was simply asking a question for a friend about the number of issues you get for a year, as it didn't seem to match the every other month ad in the subscription link. No one is accusing Brian of anything here, he is a very good and generous person whom I have met in person and mailed with on occassions. I only posted on the board to get the answer instead of asking Brian directly so that all could see the answer. Additionally it wouild give Brian a heads up if the subscripiton page was is error. The DVD issue alone was worth the subscription price.

        Rod L.


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          Thanks Rod for the clarification. I too had miss understood what was being asked and it was hard not to say anything. As it turned out nothing was needed to be stated! I'm sure we'll get that soon from the commander and chief!
          Dick Benbow


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            Hi Folks,

            Indeed you get 6 issues per subscription "year". Many of you know already that I work a full time job in addition to producing the magazine and DVD's which keeps me quite busy. I am also the only person working on production at the moment, which unfortunately makes for a rather constant delay.

            After issue #6 was released, Antonio posted a question asking me what I had learned after this first "year", to which I've yet to respond. I can say one thing that I have learned is that you can't do everything all by yourself. In light of that realization, I decided to hire on some help to work on the production elements of the magazine in order to get back on track with regards to schedules. It's extremely difficult to find the right people to get things done the way they need to be done. I will continue to bring a select few onboard as need and budget dictate.

            So, you can all rest assured that you will receive the 6 issues you paid for in due course. If you were supposed to receive a magazine that you know has already been published, please mail me offline and we'll see if we can't track it down for you.

            Thanks to all of you for your support in this first "year".
            Brian Sousa
            Koi-Bito Forum


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              Hi Brian,

              While you are here I might as well ask you about subscription renewal. Some time ago, after issue #6, you said that you are going to send each of us e-mail for the renewal. I have yet to receive until now; so I have not renew the subscription!

              I don't want to miss any issue. So what am I to do? Wait still for the e-mail, or just subscribe from this web's front page?

              Thanks again for the excellence magazine.


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