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My turn for a question. Brady and Brett!

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  • My turn for a question. Brady and Brett!

    As a rule does this pink looking secondary hi on the white ground of young (3 month) old kohaku tend to come clean or stay and spoil the koi?

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    Howdy maurice,

    I can't comment on anything other than my own fish. You will have to grow some of these up to get "the final answer".

    However, if it was my kohaku....

    More than the pink between the steps, its the breaking up of the pattern at the edges (along the sides of the fish, especially the first step) into "spots" that concerns me. Looks like a kanoko about to happen, then shiro muji.

    However, saying that, I'd most likely toss the fish into the "keepers" for another look in three to six months. If there is a way to identify the fish so you'll know which it is later, it would help.

    The hope is that the fish looks so good in the kanoko stage, somebody will buy it and not be dissapointed for at least a good while. My problem is, with a fish like that, no matter how much the customer loves it, I have to tell them my lack of faith in the fish ever becoming what the customer thinks they see. I lose the sale, or offer up a substantial discount to let the customer "try and see". Once in a blue moon such a fish works out nicely. Most of the time not.

    Of course I've seen excepetions to every rule. This fish might be the beginning of a new dynasty and I'm too silly to see it.

    Keep the fish awhile and see what happens,


    P.S. I get a kick out of this kind of question.


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      Thanks as always Brett, as you well know, when ask you guys a question, your answers are taken into the depths of learning brain, but whatever your answer, I still gota see for myself. Not looking for short cuts, as you know.

      I only noticed the thin beni low down on this little chap (my hunch is a male) when looking at the photo, didn't see it in the flesh. Time will tell, I've already seen many of the paler koi from this spawn loss their colour and end up muji.

      This spawn has been good and bad in many ways, so many with potential, if only!!!! Many crackers, if only their head pattern was a little more forward, leaving them looking a little bald, or showing this secondary hi, which I have no idea where it is heading, or pale colours which will never come good.
      Still I spose that’s fish breeding!! Perhaps a few will make the grade?

      Below is another showing the secondary hi, plus a group of 3, top left, same spawn, this pale orange (it looks matalic in the shot, but it's not), any chance of turning red? There’s a few this colour which I shall hang onto till they come good or bad.

      Still looking to move up another grade!!

      Give me ten years!


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        Hey Maurice !

        Go for a ride on Brady's time machine...
        I find that male kohaku, when young, are often deeper in colour than the females.. (Limited experience with raising a couple hundred tosai)
        Check this out since Brady must be chasing snapper turtles this week.... :shock:


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