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    Hey everyone, this last Friday I visited a koi farm in Ma Shan, near the city of Wuxi (China).

    Owners are a Malaysian (Mr. Peng Beng Ong), the Taiwan ZNA Chairman (Kuo Chung-Yang), and a Singaporean. It's crazy big... and growing fees are RMB1,000 per season. There are mud ponds as far as you can see. Very nice place, very friendly, nice food too.

    The guy in the fish house is Chun Mao Chuang, also from Taiwan. They said someone in Beijing recently built a 6,000 ton indoor pond.

    John Wang
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    So the economic growth in China is creating a domestic market. If it rows, the breeders of Niigata will have competition at the lower end, but an expanding market for the higher end....which means higher prices for the very best.


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      Thanks for posting. It's interesting to see these pictures. You are like planned around visiting Koi dealers & breeders. (Or are you working??)
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        Looks like a real nice facility but did you get any pictures of koi?
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          Originally posted by jnorth
          Looks like a real facility but did you get any pictures of koi?
          The two fish they have on the homepage are nice but I didn't find much else on the website. The cover girls go for 8000 yuan, which converts to around $1000. They are nisai and 47 and 48cm.



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