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  • Feeding fry

    Well, My spawn was successful... What and when do I start feeding these little mutts ?
    They began hatching overnight....Thousands !
    Matsunosuke Kohaku female X Brett ginrin kohaku X marudo ginrin kohaku 8)
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    Too bad they aren't mutts! you could just feed them dog food! lol!

    In the next day or so they will have used up all of the food within the egg sack and will want small daphne or a good substitute is Brine shrimp.
    In a pinch you can use the yolk of a hardboiled chicken egg but live food is a important must for the first 4 to 6 weeks.

    After that when they get up to an inch or so, you can buy commercially made mini pellets with high protein count to do the job!

    within two to three months you'll be able to discern the difference bewteen
    wagoi and gin rin charactoristics.

    have fun!
    Dick Benbow


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      Live food being an important first food for the first few weeks.... what other live foods could be fed besides baby brine shrimp and daphne? Would vinager eels or microworms be suitable? While daphne is pretty easy to culture brine shrimp I've found are a pita. Vinager eels and microworms a very easy to culture. What about infursoria(sp?) - green water... how would you do this indoors?

      Just curious... Terri
      p.s. congrats Doug
      Backyard Puddle


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        Brine shrimp are easy, for me.. I just go to the cichlid farm my partner owns and scoop up a few kazillion !
        I dont see the green water thing as necessary.. Ive had many spawns...unexpected..allowed to run their own course ( junk).
        This is my first deliberate spawning.
        To me its koi breeding -100 and 1/2.
        It's just for gigglezz and knowledge.
        I'll let our two southern boys handle the real work !
        I'm just testing the waters to get a feel of what they go through every year.
        Kinda neat to do it, watch my clock, and see the hatch moving.

        I cant wait till morning to go check and see if I can spot the next all Japan GC !!!!!!!!! LOL...

        I read Koi Kichi about 77,000 times and recall Peters breeding results !
        Mine will likely be similar !

        Just another step in this insane hobby.

        Hey Steve !, JR ! !!
        I'm a twenty five thousand fish wonder now !!!!!!!!!!1 LOL :twisted:
        Thanks Terri !
        Hey Waddy... Wanna buy some tategoi? Cheap ! 8)


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          Hi Terri

          Not familar with what a vinegar eel is so can't comment. Infusoria is good right after hatching and the microworms would do well after a week or so.
          Don't mind a light green in the water but li
          ke to see the babies easily to check on disease/development and also green ponds seem to get the PH up pretty high so I'd worry about those koi with red.
          Dick Benbow


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            Thank you dick. Here's a link with some info on vinegar eels I was spawning betta splendins a few years ago and micro worms + vinegar eels were good first foods and much easier to culture that bbs.

            Doug, if I had a cichlid farm next door I wouldn't have asked the question :wink: lucky you!

            Kind Regards, Terri
            Backyard Puddle


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              Gee terri,
              That takes me back a few years to my youth when I started keeping fish.
              I would think they would work just fine.

              with baby koi, the real trick is not to overcrowd and provide live food. The difference is noticeable. thanks for your input!
              Dick Benbow


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