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KOIUSA ceased operations

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  • KOIUSA ceased operations

    I did not find out until today that KOIUSA Inc has ceased operation and that is the end of the KOIUSA magazine.

    FOR RELEASE 5/3/2020

    Dear KOIUSA Advertiser and Consumer:
    As the last Chairman of KOIUSA, Inc. I am incredibly sad to inform our loyal and long-time advertisers that we have been forced to shut down our operations.
    One issue shy of 45 full years, we have published our last and final issue (44.5 Mar/Apr 2020). May the hobby long remember how much KOI USA and its advertisers have contributed to supporting the AKCA and all the koi hobbyists throughout the US and Canada!
    You were invoiced for issue 44.6 (May/Jun 2020) in full expectations that we would continue publishing. Unfortunately, we can no longer continue to fund our magazine’s operations.
    Therefore, we are cancelling all open invoices for issue 44.6 (May/Jun 2020) and reimbursing advertisers who have already paid their invoices in expectations of continued operations.
    Reimbursement checks for those advertisers will be forthcoming from the AKCA.
    FYI: Since 2008, we have been slowly but gradually losing both advertising and subscription revenue. We have tried cutting back on operating and publishing costs and increasing advertising costs as well as subscription costs. That has barely sufficed to keep our heads above water – until now.
    As compared to the May/Jun 2019 issue, three full or part-time advertisers (that advertised in this month’s issue last year) have reduced their ad sizes to reduce costs.
    Furthermore, as compared to the May/Jun 2019 issue, eight full or part-time advertisers (that advertised in this issue last year) no longer signed up to advertise in KOIUSA.
    Additionally, we have several advertisers who have not paid their outstanding invoices for advertisements in prior issues and/or for 2019/2020 Dealer Listings. No names here.
    I am sure that cash flow matters to our advertisers; but it matters to us, too. Enough on that, for now.
    I am positive that Covid-19 has helped break the back of not only KOISUA but that of some of our advertisers, too -- and that it has damaged the koi hobby in general.
    May we all just hang in there, remain safe and eventually come back stronger than ever.

    In closing, the Board of Directors of KOIUSA, Inc. wishes to thank you and your company for all the support you have shown us through the years.

    Don Chandler
    Chair, KOIUSA, Inc.
    Koi keeping is not a belief system; it is applied science with a touch of artistry.
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    Thanks for posting the news. I wouldn't have known.


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      45 years and now it's gone. KoiUSA was the gateway to koi (after getting my hands on the Axelrod and Tetra books) before moving on to NI and others before the internet age. Sad news indeed at it will definitely leave a void here in the US.
      Brian Sousa
      Koi-Bito Forum


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