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  • Bernard

    The pond that I’m building out of block work is going to be about 1600 gallon I’m thinking of an eazypod with a variflow pump 10000 is this a good choice.
    im thinking of t joining the skimmer line into the pump missing the eazypod so the pump will be pulling form eazypod and the skimmer back into the pond via bakki shower as I’ve seen this on utube jappanies kio site telling you it’s the best way. Would the variflow 10000 pump be powerful enough to flow up to the bakki shower..if I get a more powerful pump my concern is that I would not be able to slow it down enough in winter months. Hope all this make sense would appreciate any advise thanks
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    On all questions of this type, my advice is to visit the ponds of koikeepers in your area and see what works well & ask about maintenance. You want a system that will both accomplish your filtration goals and fit your lifestyle.


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      Bernard, I am guessing you are in the UK. You mention products like variflow 10000 pump that we do not have in the Americas. Suggest you join the local British Koi Keepers Society (BKKS) section near you and see the pond system designs and components are being used there. Personally having use EA products in the past I would never have them again or recommend them to anyone. For a 1600 gallon pond you can easily build a DIY static bed (for filtration) and a fluid bed (for bio-conversion) that should more than handle that size pond. A DIY shower can also be easily done.
      Koi keeping is not a belief system; it is applied science with a touch of artistry.


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        I suggest you read some informative articles first. And yes, you should probably check the BKKS, if you are buying stuff in Britain


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          Great that you are moving forward on your pond project. This site has lots of information on pond filtration and water keeping. Notice I didn't say Koi keeping. Building a pond that will fit your lifestyle (as MikeM has mentioned) is extremely important. This relates to care and maintenance of your pond water. It can be as easy or difficult as you make it. Be sure to talk to lots of people and visit a lot of pond designs to get some insight on filtration and ease of maintenance. I would also say to look at your size and depth of the pond. It will never be large enough, so if you are starting now...stretch as far as you can. Start with how many large koi (24"++) and go from there. Good luck on venture, enjoy every moment.


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