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Benni kiko fry culling !

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  • Benni kiko fry culling !

    Hi All,
    Finally plucked up the courage to join this wondrous site after a long time lurking in the shadows and was wondering if I could be blessed by the wisdom of some of you,
    I have some Benni kiko fry about 12 weeks old now and am at a loss as to what ones to keep and what ones to pass on...!
    I know some of these turn into stunning fish that change depending on environment and water temp but how do you know what will be what, Is there any traits that I should look for or is it a case of you just take your chances..... many thanks in advance.
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    By Benni Kiko, do you mean Beni Kikokuryu? … Metallic, Doitsu with Kumonryu-type sumi plus red pigment in step pattern? If so, I can give some basic suggestions, but it will take a person experienced with the breed to take you further. After eliminating any with deformities, you have to decide what you want to end up with. If you want only Beni Kikokuryu, then at 12 weeks you should be able to see red pigment if there is going to be any. You should also be able to differentiate between those with a strong metallic shine and those lacking much shine. Using just these two factors, you can cut down the population to match the growing space you have available. I have heard that the degree of black pigment and its density can be problematical because it can increase or recede, and it takes experience with the particular pairing to have a sense of what is more likely to occur. I have no personal experience. It's what I have heard. Personally, after eliminating those without as much red as I would prefer and those lacking high shine, if I still had more than I had room to raise, I'd sort them into groupings of those most like one another and then keep a few from each group. I'd do that because I do not know enough to know which are keepers & which are losers. So, I'd keep some of every grouping and learn from the experience. The real problem is trying to keep too many. None will do well if crowded..... I hope you are in a warm climate or are able to keep the water above 70F over the winter. Then you can feed heavily and keep them growing. Good luck!


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      Hi MikeM,
      Many thanks for responding, yes it is the Beni kikokuryu I refer to, I can't see any red on them yet, although I do see yellow, making me wonder if they are the beni kikokuryu they were sold as or kin kikokuryu ?
      Thank you so much for your comments, It gives me a starting point.


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        I have about 4 different types of fish that are all apparently beni kikokuryu .! No red, yellow like I say and some real pearlesant ones that have a spot on the head I'm hoping will turn red..


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          Well, red pigment usually begins as yellowish coloring, gradually becoming stronger. At 12 weeks, I would think it would at least be orangish. But, time will tell. If the yellow color was not present when they were younger, then it would seem to be developing.


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            Thanks MikeM for the words of encouragement, hopefully the red(beni) will present itself, there are some nice fish showing already, with good body conformation, it has/will be part of the learning curve that no matter what will provide some nice if not spectacular fish for me, family and friends and increases my knowledge through the help of people like yourself,thank you again.


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