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Spawning Koi All Dead This Morning

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  • Spawning Koi All Dead This Morning

    Hello everyone, I hope you can help me understand why I came down to find 7 of my 9 Koi dead this morning for no apparent reason. I'd noticed they'd started spawning 2 days ago and were getting very active, splashing water out all around the pond. 7 beautiful big Angel Koi (as they call them here in Thailand - ones with long tails) and another one floating belly up. What happened do you think? Thank you.
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    Hi Tamsyn,

    It's not unusual for a koi to die during or after spawning, both male and female but usually it is the female that dies. The koi expend considerable energy during the spawning process and sometimes die from exhaustion as a result. They are particularly susceptible to this if the water does not have sufficient dissolved oxygen. Since you're in Thailand, I'm guessing that the pond temperature is rather high and the water won't be able to hold oxygen as well.

    Imagine running a marathon at high altitude and your lungs not being able to get enough oxygen to sustain your body. It's roughly the same idea when there's not enough dissolved oxygen in the water and the koi over exert themselves during spawning.

    Did the females release a large quantity of eggs? Spawning can foul the water VERY quickly, so I would check your water parameters so see what sort of readings you are getting on ammonia and nitrite. If these levels have spiked, you'll probably want to remove your remaining two koi out to a quarantine tank until you can clean your main pond and get it back to normal.
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      Thanks for your reply. I'd had another bunch of Koi who'd spawned with no problems but were sadly killed off by some Burmese workers who'd placed the Koi in small raw concrete buckets whilst wading through the remaining Koi at the bottom of the pond. So big fish dinner for them and they'd been fine whilst spawning. I'd had the ex swimming pool now lonnnnng time pond (no one ever used the pool) cleaned with a pressure washer and refilled. Then came a new batch of six Angel Koi and a mix of coloured ones. I'd had them for around 5 years with no problems, then this. I find it odd the only two remaining fish are the two smallest but same age, orange and white and all the dead were white Angel Koi and another plain white one (sorry forget the proper names). We'd had a large fish bowl type thing (common here) in another house and just one Koi in it for a while, I thought it might be lonely after a couple of years so put another one in and watched as the resident Koi chased it to death (I'd thought they were playing, duh). This morning the two orange/white are fine but looking a bit lost and following each other around. I'm done with Koi now. This is the third time for one reason or another (second batch died from my stupidly overfeeding), it's too depressing. When I'd had the swimming pool installed, someone remarked that it might put people off buying the house in the future. I'd been taken aback at the time but now understand there's really only three or four months of dry hot weather down here, the rest being monsoon, so not much chance to use it anyway. But it was either filling it in (good money after bad) or turning it into a Koi pond. No more! Thanks. Btw, there'd been a story some years back with pictures of scores of Koi living in an uncompleted mall in Bangkok. When it rained it just kept topping up their living space. Imagine! No temperature/alkaline tests and no one was feeding them. Strange thing nature. It'll always win over us when we try to mess with it. Thanks again.


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