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Trying to ID this koi

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  • Trying to ID this koi

    Can anyone explain why I can’t seem to post a photo? There’s an error message from the server. The koi in question might qualify as a Sanke except for the fact that large areas of its body have a distinctly blue tinge where a Sanke would be white. Otherwise it carries smaller black and orange irregular markings. It is not a Shusui, an Asagi, or metallic. It is not gin rin or doitsu, it has normal scales. Can Sanke present with blue? Other ideas? (Sure wish I could get the pic to upload)
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    Error message when I try to upload is: “The attachment storage directory does not exist or is not writable”


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      I got it to post as my profile pic! What do you think?


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        The blue-seeming color is black pigment under the skin. It may 'come up' and show black, or it may never fully emerge. Given the way the underlying sumi seems to wrap, your koi may be a developing Longfin Utsuri. If so, the one visible red patch would make it a Longfin Showa, but a very poor example with so little red. Some koi should be enjoyed for what they are without worrying over classification. It is human nature to attempt to categorize and organize everything. Mother Nature doesn't care.


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          Thanks Mike, don’t worry it’s not keeping me up nights. I appreciate the guess. The black under the skin is easy to spot and distinctly different than the blue where he would otherwise be white.
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            That may be, but there is no blue pigment in any koi. There is only black that looks blue because submerged.


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