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Need help on this Shiro Utsuri

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  • Need help on this Shiro Utsuri

    I recently came across a quite good looking shiro utsuri, tosai from omosako farm and I'm thinking to add it into my pond. However, I heard that there are a lot to consider such as pattern, sumi patches & etc... before buying a shiro utsuri. Can anyone kind enough to help me to observe this koi has any great potential to develop beautiful sumi patches in the future.

    Lot of thanks.
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    I suggest you look for a koi club in your area to find koikeepers you can learn from. However, when it comes to predicting the future of tosai, nobody is better than the breeder. Since Omosako decided the tosai you are considering was not worth keeping to raise to nisai, you should not expect to acquire a tosai that will become as beautiful as the Shiro Utsuri you see in photographs of high quality koi.


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      Maybe motogoro and choose one that has a thick tail base? For the pattern depending on individual taste


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