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Skinned koi fish

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  • Skinned koi fish

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    Click image for larger version  Name:	20230902_105430.jpg Views:	0 Size:	82.5 KB ID:	269476
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      You can see the gill filiments right through the gill plates. All the veins are visable with light behind it. Its pink like a raw fish. No scales.
      Is this uncommon in koi?
      Sorry about my messed up thread.


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        I suspect fish like this get culled,freeze dried and turned into koi protien pellets. It's not pretty but, I'll give it a chance. In nature fish like this dont survive very long.
        It may need sunscreen, or an inside tank.
        I bought a mixxed lot and do have some good lookers IMO, without pedigrees. Just fun on a budjet.


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          I found this video in a thread that talks about this mutation in these koi. I need better computer speakers to hear his whole explanation.He sounds like a highly educated man.
          He has two koi just like mine.

          My plan is to raise mine to a large size if the koi cooperates. I'm concerened that without scales and clear skin that the sun could damage its skin with UV light. The fish may need a shaded home.Its sort of a curiousity fish to me.
          It's not a show specimen. 
          With all the cross breeding that is being done strange fish are bound to happen, it also happens in nature.

          I'm reading my way through all the threads in this forum and learning a lot.

          Demonstration video on transparent-scaled and red-eyed koi - Koi-Bito Online Koi Forum


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            I am wholly unfamiliar with the subject, so very interesting.


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              It's hard-to-understand investing time,energy and money doing a research study on a freak of nature fish. I suppose what they learned can be applied to other gene research.
              I found that Thread reading through old forum Threads. page by page gathering knowledge..

              I'm fairly new to koi keeping. I have raised koi up to 16" but some local preditor got them. Raccoon or egrets, we have all of them.
              I have a 1/3-acre pond and a 30' diameter koi pond. The koi pond was never finished but filled with water and koi put in. After the koi were gone my grandkids threw their goldfish in as a sort of free Willie event.
              Those goldfish grew to hundreds. I'm draining it to redo it right this time. I have good clay that holds water fine, but turbidity keeps it cloudy.
              I'm going to line it and filter it this time.

              Im considering getting the catfish and bass out of the 1/3-acre pond and stocking it with koi leaving the mud bottom. I had it dug it 35 years ago and stocked it for my boys to fish in. It stays fairly clear. Years of sediment have lined the bottom seperating the water from the turbid clay.
              I bought a backhoe to do a ground source heating system for the house so digging is not a problem. Im also going to use the third acre pond partially for my ground source heating system. I'm rambling way off topic here.


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