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    Hi they call me amongst other names book man we have been keeping koi for 38 years now and totally love the hobby .
    So much so I have put together a huge library on all things koi fish health ,pathology physiology fish diseases fish parasites and much much more besides that.
    you see we started reading koi books back then now 38 years later we have a huge reference library now with roughly at the next count 185 titles authors names ISBN numbers and reviews
    Sadly I can't seem to download any photos however check them out on the South African fb site .
    You will find that they mirror the list that I came across today researching Grant Fugita's Nishikigoi text book .
    It has been out put up for others to use on koi-bito
    And I have a sneaking suspicion that the style of the list is how I did it back in the early 2000 or the naughties .
    It nearly mirrors my collection with just a few small differences
    If the poster of that post which was not Me can show me his book collection then I will apologise however please in future ask permission of the writer namely me .
    As I said please visit it is Run By Mr Neville Boardman
    Known as the father of koi in South Africa and a very long term friend of mine
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    In saying this now that I know it's here you can if you wish use either the list or the photos to go through the books and decide on what you would like to choose yourselves but as I said in future please ask if you wish to use the list ,just don't pass it off as your own


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