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  • Thoughts on this sanke?

    Back online and posting from a new laptop. Thoughts on this sanke - good or bad please. It's female and 17 3/4 inch Marudo bred I believe. Thanks.
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    Not a bad Sanke at all..The sumi has come up elegant not over powering. The beni pattern is more on the traditional side but it is nice. The shiroji is consistant from tip of nose to the end of tail joint. Since Marudo is using Matsunosuke bloodline tells me this fish will get big. So, either way not you got a really nice Sanke.
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      Hi Dan,

      This looks a lot like a Marudo sanke with characteristics from the "Dainichi" Sadazo line. Kind of funny that you posted this pick, because you're going to learning a good bit from Mr. Ozawa's sanke article.

      Why don't we all read the article once your mags start to arrive, and then come back and make comparisons to this sanke? :P
      Brian Sousa
      Koi-Bito Forum


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        I don't care for the pattern but very much like the large sections of sumi. I wonder about the beni but I expect the fish is just not finished; hopefully the sashi and kiwa will get better.

        The flecks of sumi bother me. On the positive side the body looks really nice... a nisai, right?


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          Jason - correct, a nisai. My only concern is as you mentioned the beni, but considering everything else, I think it's worth waiting to see what she does.


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            Hi Dan,

            From my own point of view this sanke got good body shape & volume when look from the top. It does not have a good kohaku pattern. The
            sumi gives an unbalance impression. Hi does not seem to be thick
            enough yet. The pectoral fins do not have any sumi stripes yet which
            mean that the sumi on the body are not stable yet. The shiro does not
            appear to be white enough from the picture.



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