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They made it to the big pond!

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  • They made it to the big pond!

    Moved a couple smaller koi from the small pond to the large one yesterday - 2 shiro's and a kohaku - all 12 1/2 to 12 3/4 inches. Thought I would share their good fortune.
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    The 17 3/4 inch female Marudo sanke from the post below also joined the three above in the large pond. A better photo


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      Thanks Dan!

      Hi Dan, some attractive Koi, thanks for sharing them with us! If you have time can you post some more info. - age, sex, your plans for them - grow them big, keep them smaller, show now, show later, etc.?

      Best Wishes,


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        Hi Brady - the kohaku and Nagashima shiro are males ( I think) , the Omosaku shiro is a female. All are closer to 13 inches in length ( noticed today my tub measurement tape is off), and all three years old. The Marudo sanke was purchased in Japan last fall as a 2 year old. The Nagashima shiro is a favorite because of the checkerboard pattern. In fact as a small koi his head on the left side was all black and has now opened up. The Omosaku is definitely a nicer shiro - but different. The kohaku's pattern is really neat and will probably end up a 6 or 7 step when done. Found it a a mass of 4-5 inch koi spring of 2002 for $25 (what a deal huh?) Was going to show them and others at Portland the end of July but was 103 in the shade - they and the rest stayed home. Maybe Seattle (Bothell) in September.


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          hey Brady, I'm fish handling in Seattle, want me to put any on the rack
          and stretch them into a larger class?

          Just kidding Dan... I commend you over the last few years for your efforts to create a really nice pond and selectively choose increasing better koi!

          in the terms of the common people...."you done good!"
          Dick Benbow


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            Dan, you got a nice sansai collection there....Impressed!!! I really like the Kohaku, very interesting pattern.
            The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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