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  • Poll: Koi Pond Pize

    I'm getting my plans together for the construction of a new pond that will be replacing my existing pond which is 10'x6'x1.7' (790 gal) flexible liner.
    The new pond shape will be rectangular, but I'm still undecided about the actual size of the pond. We plan to keep 9-11 large show quality Koi. Which dimension would you recommend ?

    A: 12'x6'x2' (1116 gal) B: 15'x6'x2' (1395 gal) C: 19'x6'x2' (1767 gal)

    I also have a question to throw out there as well. Do Koi do better in lengthy ponds or ponds that are deep?

    Thanks in Advance
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    None of the above. Go at least 4' deep, preferably 6'.


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      Does 4'-6' deep apply to Southern California as well? I'm assuming that you are taking winter conditions into consideration, but we have very mild winters down here unlike back East. I'm also trying to keep the pond volume around 1500-2000 gallons to keep the filtration equipment cost down.


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        That applies to anywhere for show quality fish. And 1500 gallons will only give you 2 fish. You need to stay close to 1000 gallons per fish for show quality. You may buy them small, but they will grow, and they need room and depth to get to their potential.


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          WOW :shock: That means I will have to do far more digging than I anticipated and that also limits me to far fewer fish than I originally wanted to keep!

          Thanks for the feedback


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            Dear Pat,

            Phil is "spot on" for the water per show quality koi., though if you mean males and smaller koi, then the number can be aound 500 gallons a koi. But that depends on alot of factors like how willing you are to do maintainence. Best Thing is to join a koi club and see members' ponds and talk to them. Also visit koi shows and see who has the kind of koi you like and talk to those people and see how they do it. Then put those ideas to use in your pond.
            Best regards,

            Bob Winkler

            My opinions are my best interpretation of my experiences. They are not set in stone as I intend to always be a student of life. And Koi.



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              Why not 5000 gals? If I had it to do over again I would look at the 5000 gal mark. With the dimensions you gave you might as well dig 4 more feet for each plan.

              12'x6'x6' = 3240gals

              15'x6'x6' = 4050gals

              19'x6'x6' = 5130gals

              But either way you talk about 9-11 large show quality fish, how large are these fish? Let's not use the term "Show Quality" unless you are a dealer trying to make a buck. "High Grade" is a better term to use since you are hobbyist looking to improve your koi. Well anyways, wish you luck on your new pond.
              The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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                Thanks for all the feedback guys. I'm leaning more towards 19'x6'x6' (5130 gal) now. I plan on having mainly females just because I like their thicker body conformation a lot better than the males. Currently I only have 1x9" Utsuri mono, and 2x9" Kohaku, with another 10"-13" Kohaku scheduled to be ready for delivery late September. I recently purchased the 10"-13" Kohaku through Japan Koi Online through a special offer they call Omakase-Kodama's Choice, the Koi breeder is Mr. Tomono from Kansuke Koi Farm. From what I understand Mr. Tomono is a producer of "High Grade" Kohaku.


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                  You will be much happier with the new size, and your fish will take off with good water quality. It is one of the most common bad choices people make to not go deeper when they can. For liner ponds, its only $40-50 more to go deeper. You will also have a more stable pond with the extra volume. Keep us posted.


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                    There is a formula that I believe should be used when building a pond
                    depth x2 equals widthx2 equals length. Hence your new pond is 6x12x24,
                    figure one koi per 1000 gallons. Build your filter twice the size to accomodate the bio load . incorporate a trickle tower and a series of vortex j-mat upflows and aireate like there is no tommorrow.

                    I have never seen this mentioned but something all should know

                    when it comes to air pumps especially with high blows and alita's buy the 80 or bigger. If the bladder blows on the 40 it creates problems with the repair because the design is different. (magnets)

                    if because of the cost you can't afford anything but a 40 buy a bladder kit at the time of purchase and faithfully plan to replace the bladder after two years use. When you get your gang valve with the pump to run your air lines off of always run one wide open with no load on it. this is insurance to save the bladder. Trust me on this. You will thank me latter.

                    for those of you with high blows who after reading this are saying " oh sure Dick, Buy a replacement bladder kit....are you kidding, I've been looking for them for years"! (secret) buy an alita one, it's the same thing!
                    Dick Benbow


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                      This is kinda a touchy subject to ask everyone but I have to ask it, Do any of you guys/gals have permits for your ponds? because I was talking with my co-worker today and he mentioned that I should get my utility company to come out to make an inspection of the dig cite to make sure I don't hit any lines (gas, electric,water, sewer). He also mentioned that I may run the risk of city officials wanting me to get a permit for the pond just like they do for pools. Is this true and does anybody have experience with this issue :? I don't want to get cited.


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                        The idea pond is a flow thru, constant new well water running thru the pond. Just finish building a 3000 gal pond and have a 3000 gal pump per hour, however with constant well water flow. Can look at it as a 72,000 gal pond per day of flow. Lots of advanges here, ulcers, what thats? Before you commit to a huge sum of money for filter system look at how much cost for a well dug is, maybe $300, lets see, another $500 for a good wave II pump. Gosh, for $800 I got a flow thru system and no filter maintance. Be sure you add a air pump or venturi because there is no air in well water. Flow thru means more fish also. Hey, you got to run pump 24 hours a day, why not run good water thru it constant.


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                          Laws vary from state to state/community to community. Most utilities have a free cost service to come out and identify power/sewer and water.
                          most ask that if your digging in the area you request their aid. so your digging in the area. doesn't say they ask specifically.
                          Legally speaking when you build a pond you have created what is known in legal jargon as " an attractive nuisance". This means you will draw unsuspecting kids to your place and they may drown and you'd be liable. So what the law asks you to do is build a 6 foot tall fence, locked gates for access to take away iit's visability and access. certainly doable.
                          thanks for asking as I bet there are a few readers who didn't know this.
                          Dick Benbow


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                            She lives in Southern think she can get a permit to dig a well for a flow through system?


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                              To add what is being said about a flow thru system as being the ultimate system, remember the entire system rests on the quality of the source.
                              anything leaching into the well will be in the pond. I will not say to much more other than to say it will be an expense and important to test prior to putting koi in and periodically during the wells life of use to be absolutely certain it contains nothing to hurt your koi. I'm talking about several hundred dollars worth of testing by a professional water testing company
                              looking for heavy metals and other pollutants each time the test is run. At the very minimal period it would be an annual event.

                              also in addition to the lack of oxygen to deal with you will also need to be concerned even in sunny california about the chilling effect ground water has when it arrives at a cool 55 F.

                              Just a few extra things for you to plan for ahead of time!
                              Dick Benbow


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