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The next show here in the Northwest!

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  • The next show here in the Northwest!

    The 5th Annual inland empire water garden and koi society will be held at the fair grounds and expo center in Spokane Washington this weekend. Koi Kichi's from as far away as Idaho and Oregon are expected to bring their favorite koi ( and gold fish) to the event entitled "outdoor living extravaganza". I will be doing some work with the benching team and we're expecting well over 100 entants for the likes of Judges Burt Ballou,Larry Gill,Pam Spindola and candidate Robert Brudd.
    last year's GC was a daiinichi Kohaku shown by bill Blackburn who is expected back to defend his title. ( representing his efforts this year will be koi bred by shintaro, tanaka and Ogata ) Club president Gene Anderson invites all koi kichi's in the near vicinity to know that you'll be welcome. I will not be shooting pics (just working) but if jason wants to post for us, I'm sure I could get him pics and results.
    This is one of my favorite shows as the folks here are as hospitable as you can get. each year this show grows and adds new features and is just a joy to watch happen. If your gonna be there look me up and say " Hi".
    Judging starts saturday at 10 am.....
    Dick Benbow
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    I know pics were taken so i am hopefull we'll get to see them soon. The person responsible also did everything else and was wore out by sunday night. be patient. It should be coming.....

    Great Show, over 120 some koi and 50 some goldfish. Cooler than normal
    weather was very nice. ( usually in the 80's!)

    Great judging team...Burt Ballou as head, got to meet Pam Spindola and Larry Gill, and candidate judge Bob Brudd. Truely first class

    Top honors went to the winner of last year's show.....Bill Blackburn. The showa that took Portland was top dog, and his shintaro sanke reserve.
    Bill has set the standard. The whites on his koi were really nice!

    Gene Anderson and his wife Phyllis and well as Dan and Sharon Olson from the local club took many top honors in koi. The Anderson's also had top goldfish. The Tylers from Seattle area had reserve and young champion goldfish.

    The event is held in the fairgrounds which offers lots of room for expansion. This year the banquet was catered right on the grounds
    and at $15.00 each encouraged lots of families to attend. ( price is not typo)

    Got to meet and spend time with some neat people. Ross from quality koi
    was there and really enjoyed spending time with him. Burt put on a well received seminar on koi. Even told me how many scales there were on an Asagi.

    My back held up, thanks to a back brace. Many times I'm asked since I've been so long in koi why I never got into judging. I like benching.
    I can tell you so much about the owners of koi by opening up their bags and seeing Water quality, koi handling, show preparation, it reads like a book. So many times the koi come in all uptight and by the time I get them handled, relaxed and into the tanks, they're happy. I also get the time with the owners to teach, which I love to do. Besides when I'm done I announce to certain select koi kichi's my take on the results before the judges get going. I must say in all honesty, I missed the Puget Sound GC.
    But got it right in Portland and Spokane.

    In two Weeks the Seattle show is being held. I koi wrangle for the judges there as opposed to benching. It will be our last show of the year! Hate to see it end.

    for those who always like to know backgrounds on koi, Bill's GC champion is a showa bred by Igarashi Kazuto and the Reserve was a matsunosuke Sanke from Shintaro.
    Dick Benbow


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      Dick, your the man!!!! I think if they looked up the word "Koi Kichi" your pic would be there for example. This is forum is like our secondary sports page for the koi shows and for you to be there in the middle of things bring us the play by play is really cool of you....
      The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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        Thank you for your kind remarks!
        Dick Benbow


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