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wood sheeting.

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  • wood sheeting.

    Hi all,
    Could anyone tell me of a wood sheeting that would be safe to go on top of the pergola over the pond as a base for waterproofing,just concerned about condensation dripping back into pond thats all when i greenhouse the pond in for winter,dont really want to have to seal with g4 or similar if it is not necessary.
    Thanks Paul.
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    Wood and weet

    Wood in wet environment

    Hello there are obviously lots off sealer that after curing leak almost nothing to water. Don’t know off any that actually gives 0.00 but that’s another story.

    Any untreated material will as a start do but most off the hard ones will give you an edge concerning rot and mould. Most off these are not cheap.
    Her in Norway we have normal deliver off Siberian “Lerk” (Larix Dahurica) in dimensions that will bee suited for your need. It’s among many things used directly ass other roofing off cabins with no treatment. The one we use is from the Siberian tundra and where hard after the slow growth rate.

    Tone - Truls -Petter
    Vogata NI


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