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DVD - In hope off all that is in demand will bee supplied (h

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  • DVD - In hope off all that is in demand will bee supplied (h

    Dear Brian – KoiBito

    A small “posse” off Kichi looked at your DVD last night.

    Scenery, theme, storyline – Wow! Keep on digging down to the educational and interesting life on the other side off the globe. This must bee a breeder & hobbyist dream come through. Even with the substantial length its still felt like each segment should have been longer.

    The only real downside was the retention time off subtitling (for those off us that don’t have English as our primary language) and sound. Sorry but the balance between background and main was when we played it off.

    We feel like there must bee an interest for many (if not all) breeders to bee available to the world like this and hope that many more than us would bee willing to purchase such a dedicated item.
    The length and volume covered in this the 1 one gave Momotaro substance and meaning for us up far north. We presume it did so elsewhere also! Most other material available for us now are packed full with as many breeders as possible and this is not fair to them and often down right confusing to us.

    Hope by this post to rally up support for your next DVD. At the same time we humbly hope that you could give us an idea off witch breeder and approximately when you will release it.

    Tone - Truls -Petter
    Vogata NI
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    While we are demanding things :wink: ...

    I'd like to see segments on culling various types of fish. The segment on culling kohaku was great for those of us with backyard breeding and no real culling experience. Pausing and really studying the fish in the nets as compared with the fish kept... very educational.


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      the dvd is very good I hope there is more to come.



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        Dear Brian

        This thread was supposed to bee pointing in your direction

        Was hoping that both the Breeders off Japan and KoiBito would see the opportunity here. Hopefully you should be guarantied at least 285 sold at a “reasonable price”.

        What about a poll just like the connection poll, with breeders that are open to this sort off worldwide exposure?
        Tone - Truls -Petter
        Vogata NI


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          Hi Petter,

          Actually, it's much more than that. We do have a lot going on behind the scenes now with different types of media (and also a DVD which is on the back burner now in the "idea" stages) for breeders and dealers wanting worldwide exposure. Everything will of course take some time to implement, but you should begin to see some of the first changes hopefully within this month. More will follow after that.

          Best regards,
          Brian Sousa
          Koi-Bito Forum


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            it all sounds good and good for us subscribers and make koi-bito the best.



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