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  • First post!

    Test posting

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    Testing replu

    The most recent book produced by the Shinkokai concerning koi varieties and disease. Published in Japanese with English translation.
    Brian Sousa
    Koi-Bito Forum


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      Just testing

      8) :?: 8) :mrgreen:


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        Test post with image

        Just testing the new board and posting images

        ...and it seems to work just fine :roll:

        Orlando, FL


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          Thanx Brian: board works great

          Pond-On (tm)


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            yet another test

            Test bold

            It looks like we can't edit the subject, but otherwise straightforward and easy to use.
            Lynne in St. Louis


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              It is MUCH faster than before!

              Thai Koi-Keepers' Group


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                Might anybody teach me how to insert picture?


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                  reply to help for posting a pic

                  I think I might be able to help you... I just wnet through the whole mess myself and was after a lot of trial and error I got it. First you have to have the phot in your computer. pc mac who cares as long as we get to view it. j-peg seems to be the preferred format. The nex thing you need is your own web page with the photo on it or a good free image hosting site. Yahoo worked for me after setting up log in and all. post your foto to the site and if you look around enough on the screen with your picture there should be a check box / radio button to enable public viewing. after that is all set up you need to have the mesage box open in the forum and the picture as it sits on the web in another. click on your pic to make sure the url of the pic is in the url box on top of screen. next click the url to highlight it. next hit ctrl c now go to bito message area and click in pic url or image url or url link on or the other. while clicked into the box and cursor flashing hit ctrl v this should insert the image url into the box. now you shall hit preview and see if it works... not done yet! close the window w/ yahoo running not just minimize but close. now see if you can refresh the preview and see your pic. or at the very least the link enabled and click to see if it loads the pic if not go back and look for the enable public viewing button. I spent quite a bit of time battling this just recently if you need more help just ask thie enclosed link is to a small 3600 gph waterfall I built for a customer last year. good luck
                  " I'd rather a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy "


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                    Pics and stuff...


                    You can also select an "avatar" for your profile which will put a somewhat indiviual "theme" under your name in postings. I'd encourage everyone to edit their profiles to include an avatar. We've set up a library that has quite a few of these available. :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
                    Brian Sousa
                    Koi-Bito Forum


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                      Test post.

                      Got there eventually,nice looking board Brian. 8)



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                        However, it still seems difficult for me.

                        Dear Adimn/Moderator,

                        Isn't it feasible to locat a function ti fix an image directly?

                        I know "phpbb" has similar built-in function.


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                          first post

                          Still unfamiliar, but looks ok. Does anybody know whether I can post pictures direct from my scanner?


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                            posting from scanner

                            Should be able to my epson gives me the option but you sill need to make sure it is scanned into jpeg format and linking might be difficult I haven't tried it yet still happy to have it work the normal route.
                            " I'd rather a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy "


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                              Just a test


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