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Next Koi Show In Japan?

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  • Next Koi Show In Japan?

    Can anyone tell me when the next scheduled Koi Show in Japan will be? I'm starting to climb out of my shell and venture farther and farther from the nest. Haha.
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    The first All-Japan Show on the plate would be the ZNA ALL-JAPAN. I think it is the 2 week or 3 week of Nov.
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      Lots of small local and also regional shows beginning in Mid-October. Contact the ZNA office in Japan for some dates.
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        2006 Niigata Nogyosai

        I e-mailed the ZNA Head Office last week. They replied the Nogyosai (3rd, 4th or last weekend of October, don't remember exactly right now) may or may not occur due to the KHV issues there.

        My last count, from the rumor mill of course, was ~15 breeders and ~10 hobbists in the area are affected, and breeders are in lock-down mode. Some smaller breeders are calling it quits because of the double-whammy.



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