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Here are some of my tosai I bought.

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  • Here are some of my tosai I bought.

    First is a Sanke from Marudo.
    Second is a Gin Rin Kohaku from Marudo too.
    Third is a Showa from Ogata.
    Forth is a Small Sanke from Momotaro.

    I got this fish from my deal who is having a clearence sale so I thought I would buy up a few tosai to see how they turn out. Any opinions on them?

    Also I pray that all the Koi-Bito famlies in Florida are save!!!!!
    The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.
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    I very much like the Marudo fish.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Bring them to the koi show in November so I can see them up close!


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      Nice koi! I particularly like the first sanke and Gin Rin Kohaku.

      As they say in grammar school " you done good!"

      thanks for sharing!
      Dick Benbow


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        All very interesting Koi, be nice to see them this time next year!
        Regards, Bob
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        <º}}}}>< <º}}}}><


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          Jason - Thanks, I was thinking of entering the Sanke and Gin Rin Kohaku at your clubs show this year after I get back from Momotaro Auction.

          Everyone - Thanks for your comments, I will keep you guys posted at the end of Oct.
          The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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            the showa is good but I like the last sanke more ,there is something I thought I would never say LOL.



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              Hi Aquitori,
              I would say if you wan to show any of these fish you should definately show them young. Its diffcult to tell the beni quality from the photo on the first sanke, but it will looks like in a few years this fish will be peaking. Also the sumi it is diffcult to make out the sumi quality on this first sanke as well. The second showas beni is a little too red for such a young age. The sumi that is up is on the beni, and the other sumi looks a little weak to me, however I have a shiro that had that same motoguru and the sumi did turn out to be good quality. The gin rin kohaku is very nice right now, you can see some sashi but as too how long the beni will sustain itself...cant be sure from just a photograph. The fourth sanke is probably the best quality, the beni is nice and undeveloped, sashi, and maruzome kiwa (er i think its called maruzome). The beni will darken once the fish's growth slows down and the kiwa should tighten up and become razor sharp, maybe not though. The body looks pretty good, but only time will tell with the sumi.

              My Thoughts,
              Alex Gibbs


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