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    I finally got some decent digital pics of some of my fish. Last week bowled all 6 of my asagi during a big water change and snapped some shots with the 1.3 M camera attached to my new cell phone.

    The test now will be if I can post them. To check that I will start with a shot of my two biggest, both from Hosokai, both seem to be males.

    I also have about 10 koromo, one doitsu hariwaki (with ki-kisui blood in it), a red kujakiu, two ochiba, and a ki utsuri. I did not have time to get them all out of the pond that day though, but soon I will and post those shots as well.
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    It worked! Great. Here are some more shots of the same fish.

    Blinky is the one with the red left eye. Great big arced shoulders on this boy, but Yuki ('snow') has my favorite scales of all my asagi.


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      Thanks Matt!
      Was surprised after looking at the first few pics to see you hand in there and then realize, Hey those koi are bigger than I thought. I too like yuki as the asagi han is very nice and the net fukerin is very even.
      thanks for posting!
      Dick Benbow


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        Thanks Dick, i really do love the furikin on Yuki.

        Here are the other 4. One of them is an Otsuka, can you guess which one?

        (honestly, I am not 100%, but I am pretty sure I can tell.)

        I have not named these ones so we`ll call them Asagi a, b, c, and d.

        Corresponing to the folowing layout in the group shot:


        a c d


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          Here is some close ups of 'a'.

          This fish is actually the oldest of the 4. San sai if you can believe it.

          As a low budget hobbiest with a small pond, all my fish are smaller than they should be. This little fella (lassie? I am not sure on thes 4 yet) lived
          its first six months in my care liviing in a filtered plastic tub (before I built my pond). They were all put in such small quarters again last August when they should have been eating much and growing, due to a split pond liner that took weeks to repair. This year there has been enough growth for me to stop worring about serrious stunting.

          'b, c, and d' are all ni-sai. so is blinky. yuki also spent too much time in a tub, he is san-sai.


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            Matt: Nice photos! I do not know enough about Asagi to think I could guess how these will turn out. I do have lots of questions. ... How old? How long out of mud pond? Is the color as posted true? I have read how Asagi's red keeps coming as they age, but I'm a bit surprised to see virtually no red on most of these. Are you thinking that's good for their age? At the top, the close-up of the two fish shows very different type of coloration within the blue scales. Thoughts on the differences? Well, I'll not keep going on.


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              Ah! You're still posting while I'm asking questions. I'll let you finish.


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                  3 shots of 'c'


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                    and finally close-ups of 'd'

                    God I love my new cell phone!


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                      K, mike I am done posting pics for now.

                      I myself am really just a student of Asagi, and all koi, really. The whole

                      The main reason I am keeping so many of the one variety is to see how they develop with age. I love light blue asagi, as whell as those with lots of white. Before coming to Japan I saw few that had not gone grey with age, so I always try to pick light ones. Buying them young, I have also tried to follow the advice of Dick and others to choose ones with little red. However only 'd' seems to be an all-white asagi at this age. If i got some more shots of the sides, you would see more red on all of them, but most of it is all low on the bodt. Yuki had barly a faint spot or two of red when i first picked him. He still does not have as much as the others, but is has certainly come out with age, and I expect more.

                      I never feed colour food (even though my koromo and red kujaku would so well with some) because I am too worried about too much read surffacing on my asagi. I love the reticulated blue scales too much to want red to creep over them.

                      I think the colour has shown pretty ture in the pics.
                      I too have been very interedted in the differnce in the scales of my Hosokai fish. Blinky has a more spread, sull betalic blue that seeps into the furkin more. Seems to my eye like it is not as much on the top of the scale. While I prefer the sharper scales of Yuki, Blinky has a lot of cahrm with a big high body and nice red.

                      Perhaps they are from differnt parrent sets. I look forward to Brian's Hosokai article to see if there is any mention of his different Asagi bloodlines.

                      All of my fish have been out of mud ponds since before I bought them. So thats 2 years for the san sai and 1 for the ni sai.

                      I would love to see how these fish would have if reared more profesionally, but I will have to wait some more years before I have the resources.


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                        Fantastic shots. I find the variation in scale coloration interesting.
                        They have so much growing to do! Even though their best days are far ahead, there is a subtle beauty in the soft tones, and such wonderful body shapes! The strength of carp heritage shows.

                        Makes me wish I had softer water.


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                          Why can't I see the pics you posted other pics are ok but yours have a lttle box with an x in it and i can't click on it to make it appear. I would love to see the pics
                          The perfect koi is always one purchase or spawning away!


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                            I have exactly the same problem!


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                              When I right clicked on the message I then got some options one was to load a very complex photo program and free offer the pictures must be installed using this program or something. The other pics all seem to work ok
                              The perfect koi is always one purchase or spawning away!


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