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can koi see colors

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  • can koi see colors

    Recently I watched a documentary on discovery channel about fishes in the coral reefs actually see their environments in colors rather than in the past we think that they can only see black & white.
    So I'm just curious if anyone know whether our koi see their surrounding in colors too? Thanks.

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    I think so mine dont like red if I go out to feed them with a red top on they wont come straight over like they normally do.



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      Ninjin san doesn't have that trouble, he's always got a red top on! :wink:

      "Gentlemen prefer ponds"


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        Yes, they do.

        They have pretty good eyesight to about 2 meter and fuzzy eyesight to about 20 meters, IIRC. They also have a sixth sense related to their lateral line; it is a little like sonar as near as we can figure.

        They definitely know if a wave a net pole over the pond, they also come from one end of the pond if they feel me stomp my feet on the decking near the feeding spot. But they are shy if there is more than one person at the feeding spot...


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          Thanks guys for your respond but I think you missed the main point of my question.
          My question is can koi see their surrounding in colors. Base on facts & not mere assumption. Discovery channel don't base their finding on assumption do they? If anyone have any knowledge about this please includ the neccessary articles.



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   -- bottom of page 6 to middle of page 7.

            I was going off memory and I just scanned the above document to make sure that's the section. I didn't see the distance stuff in the section on eyes -- I probably remember that from somewhere else.



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              Many years ago, I used to go fishing for Carp. About this time people were experimenting with making their own bait and colouring it. It was hoped that the Carp would then be able to 'see' the bait as well as smell it.

              Blue was felt to be a better colour at greater depths, but in the shallower water, which our ponds could be considered, red's , orange's and yellow's were favoured.
              Regards, Bob
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