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BKKS 2004 Koi Show Photo Album

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  • BKKS 2004 Koi Show Photo Album

    Hello all,
    finally I managed to sort and put together many pictures
    of the British Koi Keepers Society 2004 Koi Show.
    The resulting web pages have been just published in the AEK web
    site (Spanish Koi Keepers Society-Asociacion Espanola del Koi).
    There are many good pictures of the Koi and the show.
    There is also a summary table of results, with data kindly
    provided by Wayne Eady, General Secretary of the BKKS.
    Please visit the site
    then go to the box "NOVEDADES" (NEWS) and click on
    "KOI-SHOW NEWARK", inside the box.
    Diego Jordano
    Cordoba, Spain
    Diego Jordano
    Cordoba, Spain
    A.E.K. web site
    pers. web site
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    Thanks Diego!
    Dick Benbow


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      Deja vu!

      Thanks again for use of your pics. The program went well.


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        Nice one Diego!
        Seems the Spanish have a better BKKS show report than err... the British!
        Thanks for the link and I just love that yamabuki on page 5 of the exhibits section :wink:

        "Gentlemen prefer ponds"


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          thanks for your kind comments.
          We had a great time during the show, met many really nice and friendly people and enjoyed very much watching the Koi.
          There were too many things to see both in the show play ground and around the show (including exhibitions of falconry, big motobikes. classic cars, sailplanes taking off and landing in an nearby airfield, etc.
          ...time too short...
          I wish I have had more time for taking notes to identify all the prize winning Koi in the pictures. Mike tried to help sending me more detailed information, thanks a lot Mike. Unfortunately I missed to register the vat number and Id. no. of Koi in each picture.
          Anyway, lacking info don't diminish the beauty of the Koi portrayed.
          The BKKS 2005 Koi Show will be held again in the same place, at Newark on Trent, UK. Hope to see you there!
          Diego Jordano
          Cordoba, Spain
          A.E.K. web site
          pers. web site


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