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Your favorite Momotaro auction fish?

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  • Your favorite Momotaro auction fish?


    Picking one fish out of each section (kohaku, sanke, showa), I'm enamored of:

    Kohaku #3
    Sanke #4
    Showa #15

    And the top choice for me: Sanke #4

    I'm just picking for fish I'd like to have in my pond, not what might get Grand Champion in San Diego in a couple of years. If I was to pick for show, it would likely be the kohaku.

    I very much like the videos. Get a better view and a little bit of the 'personality' of the fish.
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    Hi Jason

    For those of you that don't know this link provides access to the auction koi pics and videos.

    We do this 'what would you buy' over at KoiChat for every Momotaro Auction.

    Amongst the posters there both kohaku 8 and showa 15 received mentions but no-one mentioned sanke 4. There was one particular koi out of the lot which received most comment!

    Videos are indeed a cracking medium by which to display koi for sale as you can see so much more of the fish than you can from a pic, you get a much better idea of the volume, the way it swims, the way the patterns wraps around the koi, etc, etc.

    Mark Gardner


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      Sanke #4 is a 'loser' because of the sumi on the head. But I like it. I just checked KoiChat and I agree on the other choices; very nice. But something about Sanke #4 just ... haunts me. That fish could cause me to spend large amounts of $$.

      Kohaku #8 -- very nice. My initial choice but I didn't like the dots of hi on the sides so I went looking elsewhere.

      Showa #15 -- heh. I have more showa in my pond than anything else. I gotta quit getting showa!


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        I'm bidding on a fish at this auction, a nisai so it's under the hammer on Thursday, I'm not saying which though until after the event!!
        I realy hope I get it but suspect it will be mega dosh and beyond my budget!
        And, just for the record, I picked this fish before any on line polls or opinions were sought! ;-)

        "Gentlemen prefer ponds"


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          When you get back, please share how the prices turned out.

          Sanke #13 [but have to say that #29 would be a close second ... if only as large.]

          Showa #17

          Kohaku #17


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            I also liked Kohaku #3, with several Showa's as a possibility.. But # 3 is a keeper I think 8) Pretty bright future
            Best regards,

            Bob Winkler

            My opinions are my best interpretation of my experiences. They are not set in stone as I intend to always be a student of life. And Koi.



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              Kohaku #3 may be coming to Orlando, but more than likely it will go for much more than the bid limit set.

              Orlando, FL


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                I like kohaku # 8 - my first choice of all three varieties.


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                  Well Henry, the auction is over long since, I wonder do you know if it's yours yet?

                  Whats the time difference florida>Japan

                  Mark Gardner


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                    I hope Henry got #3 Kohaku. That was my pick as well. Bob knows a good koi when he sees one!

                    I like red and white koi ( especially if they have blue backs! lol
                    Dick Benbow


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                      I guess I was a LITTLE misleading. After I raved about Kohaku #3, a local Doctor instructed his buyer to bid on it. I have not heard if he won it or not, but as I said earlier, the amount he told the buyer to bid would probably not have won it (if he did I will be glad to be able to see it in person, but upset that I did make the same bid).

                      Orlando, FL


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                        #8 for me! 4 of my friends went. It would be interesting what the price was. I know my buddy was going to bid prety big on that one. So he says. Joe
                        It's a living creature (chit happens)


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                          Auction results? Anyone know which garnered the highest bid? And just as interesting, which was the least expensive and how much?


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                            Well, I bid, or my dealer was to bid for me on Kohaku 8, I loved it but I didn't get it. :cry:
                            Apparently it went within my budget but my dealer saw something in it, in the real or flesh so to speak, that he didn't think would suit me and so eased off. I await a debrief!

                            "Gentlemen prefer ponds"


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                              Did your dealer pick up any others that may have interested you?
                              Regards, Bob
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