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  • Help with new ponds filter

    I am currently building a new pond,the filters will run from 2 aireated bottom drains, one will be pumped straight to bacci shower the other will go through a sieve (Evolution Aqua one) to a Challenger 60 bead filter.
    My question is, those that have sieves have you built a purge line in?
    Both bottom drain lines will be run with sequence 1/4+
    Cheers Dave.
    P.S. have added picture of pond as it is at the moment, has got to be blocked and facing brick done next.
    koi, a life of learning
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    Hi Dave,
    I didn't want you to think your post was being ignored. What I'm getting is that we don't have a lot of people using the mechanical filter you plan to,so any feed back isn't probable.
    If i've learned anything over the years is that you need to make your move based on what you feel makes the most sense to you. Once up and running to can add or subtract from the basic arraingement to tweak it to fit your needs.
    Your pond looks nice. Hope your neighbors over the fence on either side aren't in to spraying chemicals.
    Let us know how your pond turns out with another pic and let us get some ffed back on how your set up is working!
    Dick Benbow


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      Hi Dave,

      Here in Holland we use a lot off sieve's.

      There are here about 5 ore 6 different brands.

      Iff I was you I would built a purge line in because you will get some dirt in the bottomdrainline's, Iff you make some valve's you can pull the bottomdrains so the waste is gone.

      In Holland there are about 2500 to 3000 sieve's running at the moment.



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        Thanks Dick ,Ivar,
        Will build a purge line in and can the plumb in all waste lines to it.
        Will certain put a pic of completed pond Dick, and report on how it performs.
        Many thanks Dave.
        koi, a life of learning


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          Hi Dave,

          could you be so kind as to tell me more about the material of your pond and how you built it in this way? I never saw such a construction before but it looks very interesting.

          Thank You!


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            Have a look here to see Dave's 'instant' pond.

            "Gentlemen prefer ponds"


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              Thank You, very impressive.


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                Thanks Andrew, wouldn`t have been able to do that.
                Hi Tom, i needed something that i do a lot of work on myself, but still achieve a decent size.
                Most ponds i was quoted on worked out at about £3 per gallon, when completed this will come in at about £1.35 and thats including installing heating with boiler and exchanger.
                Cheers Dave.
                koi, a life of learning


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                  Great construction idea, but bl***y Nora!!!!!! £1.35 a gallon? That would have cost me a remortgage for my 3,000 gallon pond :shock:
                  Derek Frost


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