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around Ojiya this Fall ...

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  • around Ojiya this Fall ...

    Starting tomorrow I will be in the ojiya area for some of every weekend from now till the ZNA show in November (and this weekend is a long one, so maybe Monday too!).

    I am taking a new English Teacher who is also a koi hobbiest up to show him around this time. Knows his stuff, has a degree in Marine Biology and worked for a major koi retailer in England before moving to Niigata.

    If any one on the board is arround any time this month, and wants to try to meet up for a beer or share notes and news on who's pulling what from the mud ponds, just e-mail or PM me and i will send you my cell phone number.

    Hope to see a lot of you at the shows, we should have a Koi-Bito night at one of the bars maybe.
    - Matt.
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    Sounds like fun! Talk about perks with the job! All my friends from Spokane are leaving Sunday to visit Toshio Sakai for one of his master classes! Well don't be afraid to be our eyes and ears and do some posting!
    Dick Benbow


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      I hate you in the nicest possible way!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

      Who's the English teacher, anyone we might know?

      Mark Gardner


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        I lent him my first 6 issues of KB, he seemed pretty keen on getting into them. And i told him to check out the board, so maybe i will give him a week or so to show up and introduce himself.

        I think the company he worked for was called The Japanese Koi Shop, or something nearly that, are you famillar with it?


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          Not Chris (whose surname escapes me) that also worked for the uk ornafish agents then moved to the japanese koi company in bedfordshire and used to frequent the old koi ponds and gardens chatroom?
          Mark Gardner


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