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vid update from March spawning

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  • vid update from March spawning

    Hello all We have spent almost a full week cleaning up the debris from these back to back hurricanes. What a mess! Neighbors on both sides of me lost some really nice oak trees. Very sad. Spent an entire day in the pond scooping up debris and another half day straightening out all of the filter systems. No fish loss. I think they actually enjoyed it as the heavy rains washed all kinds of bugs out of the rocks and trees then into the pond. I could see them slurping all around the edges in the driving rain. No worries.
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    Wow the hurricanes really made havoc in your area. Sad, but at least, as you said, no fish loss. So happy cleaning and working to restore things.


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      KGT: I see you have bromeliads around the yard. As soon as I can clear broms out from under two oaks, the oaks will be cut down. Too much damage to save. I'll likely have a lot of shade-loving broms available in a few weeks. Primarily Vrieseas, but some Neoregelias. I'll mainly be into full sun gardens for a few years.... unless the tooth fairy can levitate some trees into the yard! Interested? If so, I'll not toss out ones you might like.


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