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  • Your favorite Breeder for Gosanke

    Hi @ all,

    there is a very interesting thread in german koi-forum.

    It's about favorite breeders of gosanke.

    So now I'm interessted in your opinion, becuase a lot of you guys very a lot of experience.

    Whats your favorite breeder for Gosanke??

    My opinion:

    Shiro Utsuri=Omosako

    I'm very interessted in your answers.

    Greetz Nico
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    Hi Nico,

    I'm going to compile a list, not necessarily my list as I should try to be impartial.

    But first...since you're one of our friends from Germany, would you mind testing out the new language features for threads, and the language interface for your profile? You can choose German, you know...
    Brian Sousa
    Koi-Bito Forum


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      All a matter of preference, I guess...


      This is quite a subjective question, and I think that personal taste has as much to do with the answer as any other factor. Your favorites are always your favorites, regardless of popular opinion, etc. and I think that this is one thing that is somewhat unique about nishikigoi.

      Some will seek out koi from the larger and more renowned breeders, while others tend to gravitate towards smallers regional ones close to home. May not make much difference around the world, but these are trends that exist in Japan.

      So, to answer your question, I've compiled a list of peoples' favorites here in Japan. The list is divided up into northern and southern Japan.

      In the north:


      Kohaku - Dainichi, Hoshikin, Hansuke, Torazo, Yamamatsu, Kansuke, Kurabe, Marudo, Yozen, etc.

      Sanke - Yamatsu, Torazo, Marudo, Dainichi, Shintaro, Sanroku, etc.

      Showa - Dainichi, Sekiguchi, Nagashima, Seijuro, Yamau, Marudo, etc.

      Shiro utsuri - Nagashima, Kaneko, etc.

      And favorites for some of everything - Miyaishi, Hosokai, Uragara, Kawakami YJ, etc.


      Showa - Nozawa

      Shiro - Moriya


      Kohaku - Takachio, Horikoshi, Murata, Tani, Gontaro


      Kohaku, Sanke - Marumi

      Showa - Ikuta


      Kohaku - Maruyama, Sakuma, Suien

      Sanke - Isawa NC

      Showa - Maruyama, Sakuma


      Shiro - Namiki

      In the south:


      Kohaku - Koi no Yohei, Marutoshi

      Sanke - Koi no Yohei


      Kohaku, Sanke, Showa, etc. - Momotaro


      Kohaku - Sakai, Konishi, Takeda, Takigawa, Wakabayashi, Fujikawa, Oyama, Tamaura

      Sanke - Sakai, Konishi, Takeda, Takigawa, Wakabayashi, Oyama, Tamaura

      Showa - Sakai, Takeda, Takigawa, Wakabayashi, Oyama, Tamaura

      Shiro - Omosako, Takigawa, Tamaura, Konishi


      Kohaku - Matsue, Yamato-ya

      Sanke - Yamato-ya


      Kohaku - Ogata, Maruchika, Ikenaga, Okawa NC, Kinsuien, Rikoen, Takeda

      Sanke - Rikoen, Ogata, Ikenaga

      Showa - Ogata, Okawa NC, Maruchika


      Kohaku, Sanke, Showa - Ogawa


      Showa - Ueno

      Not a definitive list, but rather one that lists the breeders that seem to have their koi brought to shows often by hobbyists.
      Last edited by Brian; 10-13-2004, 04:54 AM.
      Brian Sousa
      Koi-Bito Forum


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        Not wishing to be pedantic, but Utsuri isn't go-sanke. No reason why it shouldn't be with-in your question but.. just wanted to point out.

        Very valid points and interesting list, thanks.

        "Gentlemen prefer ponds"


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          @ Andrew

          I know, that Utsuri traditionally doesn't belong to the Gosanke, but they are the fourth force on the koi-market.

          @ Brian

          A very interessting list, with some breeders i didn't know. yet!!!

          But I'm interessted in your opinion about the best breeders, especially in niigata.

          Torazo for example has an unstable bloodline, a lot of this koi, loose their Hi in the age.

          The Sakai Koi are full of antibiotics and with Ogata-Gosanke, I made bad experiences...

          Greetz Nico


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            Very nice list. But I don't see 'Momotaro' anywhere in the list. Do my eyes missing out something?


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              For Kohaku what about Hasegawa, and for Shiro, Seki? I'd have thought both worthy of inclusion.

              Momotaro are there, under Okayama.

              "Gentlemen prefer ponds"


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                Originally posted by Andrew
                For Kohaku what about Hasegawa, and for Shiro, Seki? I'd have thought both worthy of inclusion.

                Like I said, not a definitive list, but rather just what came to mind when I made the post. It certainly is subjective, so why doesn't everyone have a crack at posting who some of their favorite breeders are?

                Remember, I have to remain objective, so you'll never get a list of favorites out of me.
                Brian Sousa
                Koi-Bito Forum


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                  Hi all, I have to ask, but no one has mentioned Yagenji from Niigata for shiro utsuri or showa. Around Yamakoshi this october you wont find better. But yamamatsu for sanke and kohaku.And I believe he is doing more and more shiro utsuri.


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                    Hi Simon,

                    You're absolutely right, and nothing more than an oversight.
                    Brian Sousa
                    Koi-Bito Forum


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                      another yamakoshi great

                      igarashi kazuto has to be on anyones top ten, His indoor fish house is home to some of the finest go-sanke. prices are high, but you have to pay for quality. Can I just say great thread and a lot of fun, however we in England go through fads with breeders it used to be sakai brothers, then hiroshima sakai and now everyone is into Momotaro. They are all great breeders and will continue to do so, however everyone forgets the smaller breeders especially in the north.About 10 % of all breeders production is top quality the finest koi. Its just that places like Sakai hiroshima are about the same size as a Niigata village housing about 7 koi breeders.So the massive volume of koi cant be bread, leaving a small amount of koi to be top class. And when you visit Hiroshima sakai your see hundreds of high class koi, just think if a breeder in the niigata area such as Kazuto could have the same facilities and space


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                        Brian mentioned Nagashima for Shiro Utsuri. I had one with not the best conformation, but the sumi was as good as I've seen, the white was first rate and the patterning was attractive... and appears attractive in the occasional pic I see of Nagashima Shiros. So many top Shiros no longer have attractive patterns. One hardly ever sees Nagashima Shiros available in the U.S.


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                          This has been an interesting thread so far,
                          As for my favourites Shiro`s omosako and seki, showa`s Kawakami and sakuma, Kohaku still to find same for sanke.
                          But as i`m concentrating more on showa and shiro`s in new pond, will be looking into a few of the names that have cropped up.
                          koi, a life of learning


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                            Omosako is producing some nice showa and kohaku


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                              I will always repect and appreciate Toshio sakai of isawa for all the gosanke including shiro...

                              But if you really pushed me hard atleast equal is igarashi kazuto of mushigame
                              for the same group of 4. His best shiros as nisai are gigantic and all white. The showa on my pictured koi is from "iggy".

                              I also think for kohaku, for quality and price you'll not beat hasegawa from ojiya.

                              Kentaro sakai from hiroshima contributed greatly to my knowledge of koi and i would be remiss by not mentioning him. irregardless of what you've heard, the facts are year after year thier koi have always been if not at the top right there consistantly.
                              Dick Benbow


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