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Growth and winter

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  • Growth and winter

    When the winter comes, the kois stop to growth because the temperature af the water goes down. They will begin again to growth in spring but, will they reach one day the size they should have if they wouldn't have this stress period ?
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    Unless the period of rest is extended well beyond a normal seasonal variation in temperate zones, the koi will reach full size. Indeed, many advocate a period of cool water and rest to best replicate the natural environment in which carp and koi evolved. Although the Japanese have learned to heat the water in winter to avoid extremes, the water in the greenhouse ponds is cool and feeding is minimal or entirely withheld for the koi over 2 years old.


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      gee wiz, Mike-it doesn't pay to address a question after you answer it! Too darn complete! (lol)
      Dick Benbow


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        Coming from Mike, it shouldn't be surprising. He is so well-read. Incidentally I noticed that you both have the same number of posts. Competing to get the 'most post' title eh?


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          Dick: As you know, I just repeat what my elders have taught me!

          Kiky: Thanks. ... Now that you've pointed out that Dick & I are tied, I'll have to stay quiet for a while. It does not do to talk more than your teachers. [Dick: Isn't it getting to be time to update your asagi fry thread? Or, start another?]


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            If I had something to show different i would. Not too much is changing with them right now and I have crowded them in too tighly with others so the growth and maturation is not happening right now, I should get the heaters going soon in the greenhouse and that will help with the metabolism.

            I don't know if I shared with you but I looked at my own asagi 3 year old recently and saw that she quietly grew to be the biggest koi in my pond. My pictured showa used to be #1, but the asagi came up for food side by side and was a bit bigger! She is from magoi bloodline and is genetically disposed to get big. fat chance in my tiny pond!

            I hadn't realized i was such a chatter mouth with numbers. really isn't my objective...I quess i take too much of an interest in what goes on here! Like a few of my friends suggest " i should get a life"! (lol)
            Dick Benbow


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              Yesterday the two of you have 437 posts. Today 440 posts. Back to square again! My, my,.


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                Dick, winter is coming here in the North East! The asagi come out of the mud pond down at quality koi this weekend! I'll be down there on Sunday for auction so I hope to get a look at ' the girls'. Hope they didn't go all 'kawarimono' on me!

                Stay tuned!


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                  So.... are narumi Asagis related to magoi, too? Minnow here certainly grows like a magoi, but she's so white. JR, you saw her at TKFGS. You said she looks dilute.


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                    take some photos and REALLY fill me in on what's happening. especially with your girls give me an idea of quality and growth. With the bloodline on yours and the grow pond you should have gotten some dramatic growth. Let me know what the foreheads are doing as well. If they are stark white or as the asagi han matures to that aqua marine blue if the forheads have a tint of blue in them as well.


                    Your asagi came from Hosokai and I don't believe he has ever re introduced magoi into his mix. Asagi (konjo) was developed directly from magoi and then
                    narumi was developed from them. Minnow is a great koi and anytime you want to post a picture of my poster child-feel free!
                    Dick Benbow


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